M Harshika

Comedy Drama Tragedy


M Harshika

Comedy Drama Tragedy

Shining In The Sky

Shining In The Sky

5 mins

In a cold morning after a small snowfall, the ice turns into water drops, the sun is hiding behind the clouds, and the singing sounds of sweet little birds. Alarm in a room rings a soft little hands off the alarm And she thinks about the first day at college after her school days.                                         

(The girl name—Flora Jane) 

(Luna mom name—Sofia) 

"Come down my dear little girl breakfast is ready," said Sofia. "Yes mom coming," said Luna while wearing her shoes. "Janet bye all the best for your first day to college," said Sofia from the entrance gate. "bye mom," said Janet and walked towards the bus stop with her friends. Her friends shared all their school days and laughing about there past they get into the bus. They enjoyed cheerfully their first day at her college till they started their first class it was a very boring class. she slept while her lecture teaching lessons 

"Ms. Janet Ms. Janet gets up," said a housemaid while knocking her door. she gets up with a cute little face with uncombed hair. She blows her hair upwards and went inside the restroom. When she gets off from her restroom. Four maids were standing one was a caring a towel, the second caring the dress that she should wear today, the Third caring the makeup set to ready her, another caring dozen of slippers for her. After getting ready she went downstairs and started eating her breakfast at the dining hall.


(Janet father name—George)

( Janet grandpa name—Edward)

   "Good morning dad can get me to your basketball practice today," asked Luna to her father. "sorry my dear this time not but I will call you to the championship game," said George. "Dad I had a dream about the college days I slept while my teacher is teaching lesson So I planned to play basketball and I will a nice coach like you," said Janet by laughing. "Yes Janet you will be a nice coach for my students," said George proudly.


  "What coach you must pay attention to study a game is a game it can't be a professional," said Janet's grandfather Edward. "No grandpa I was saying that," said Janet. Stop talking useless, when you born his age was 39 if he married in a correct age now you will be in a job look you are studying 6 standards after your mother died in your small age but you are not serious you are a playgirl all time" said Edward with angry. "OK grandpa I can understand what you are saying but the father is the best player if allowed him to play championship he will be won all basketball team but didn't allow him," said Janet. "look at your brother he worked hard you are staying in his house and the food your are eating is his do you have any sense to stay like these you are like a dog to him," said Edward. "Stop talking if you don't like me stay straight we will go from your son Janet's dad is going somewhere you must not cry to see me don't go outside stay with your grandpa," said George with a sorrowful mind. Edward caught Janet's hand and not allowed her to with her dad but she removed her hands from him. And run towards her dad and holds her dad's hand. "dad I can't stay with them I will come with you" said Janet and started crying. 


They walked towards the street and sat down on the platform and started talking about what to do next. After some time Janet slept in his lamp for some time. He carried her and walked towards a shopping mall for a job and he got the job in a dress store. I left basketball for Janet. She got a good school and he got a permanent job. Their life was peaceful for some days. 


"Dad I going to school bye," said Janet. Her school life was joyful and she got some best friend named Grace Martell. She was an orphan so she stayed with her. They both go part-time job so that her father's trouble will be less. And always practice basketball with her father. Anyway in her classroom, there were more troubles but she solved all by herself. She tried to call Some college for jo and planned to celebrate her father's birthday. She was working hard for her father's birthday 


On the morning of her father's birthday. she planned to surprise her dad and started decorating her room. Anyway, her surprise was blasted by her neighbors they arrived fast and blasted the surprise. Janet and grace gave their gift to dad it was simple like a paper everyone looked weird at them. Her father bought the paper and started reading. He cried and laughed at the same time. He said, "thank you to both you to bring back my dream". Her gift was a job as a basketball coach. On his birthday he was very happy.


The next day morning he was getting ready for his first day as a coach. "Wow is these our dad he is handsome today," said grace. "why are you peeping into my room," asked his Daughters with a laugh. "How beautiful you are today dad," said Janet. they got ready and started walking. first, he leaves her daughters in their school and went to college. On the first day, all the students liked him because he was an idol and a famous player.

They practice hard for the championship game because it will be in 8 months. 

   At home, "Janet all the students are gifted as a player but no one knows them to power all are good players" said George. "All will good players because the coach is my dad and next year we will also your students," said Janet. "Yes I will ask for admission to the principal"

said, George. And he shared some his experience today at the school and the day end all slept with happiness...... Will be continued 

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