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'She's Gone'

'She's Gone'

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Tiffany, Brittany, Harley and I were the closest of friends. Until, Tiffany went missing last night. I am really scared. Today, morning we are standing in front of Tiffany’s house. The police are talking to her parents. Harley is crying very badly. She is very dramatic. Brittany is unconscious and in the hospital.

“Don’t you have any feelings, Miranda?” Harley whimpered to me.

I had feelings but I can’t tell what my feelings are to Harley. Its so complicated. She won’t understand what I mean. We have to reach the police station for interrogation with our guardians,whatsoever, as we are kids.

When we reached the police station, they took us both to the same room. I saw Tiffany's face change from red to pale. She was just as scared as I was. A policewoman was there to interrogate us.

The policewoman asked "Where did Tiffany and Brittany go, last night?"

"To the woods” replied Harley

"Why?” asked the policewoman, with a very curious face.

"To find her diary.” replied Harley

I didn’t know why Harley was answering with few words. She never talked with a few words. She blabbered all details at once. But why was she talking like this?

"Why was her diary in the woods?” the lady asked, casually.


"We went there camping last week. She lost it there. Brittany went with her as she was scared to go alone.” I interrupted Harley


"That's enough info for today you girls can go.” said the lady, with a blank face.

Harley’s parents dropped me off at home. I couldn’t talk to my parents nor Harley anymore. I was sad. I sat at my room.

The next day, Harley called me and asked me to come over to the woods. I reached there and the police cars and ambulance. The sirens rang through my ears. The ambulance people was carrying a body. I walked over to Harley who was crying and Brittany was standing there comforting Harley who looked at me and said,

“She’s’s gone”

I was having this funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. I lied on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I thought of the fight we had on the camping night. It was because Tiffany spilled all my secrets to her football team. I remember being so mad at her that I had almost wanted to kill her.

Brittany looked at me and said “Why?”

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