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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Parth Toroneel



Parth Toroneel


Precious Gift - A Love Story

Precious Gift - A Love Story

5 mins 17.4K 5 mins 17.4K

Continued from Part – 4...

Abdullah Mian continued in his wealthy tone, “…As you know Khan sahib, Dowry is in our orthodox… so how can we skip it huh? So, I hope you’ll make us happy and surprised by dowry… if you can’t manage to arrange it, then I don’t think we can move our relationship any further.” He gave his final words.

“Give me some time Abdullah mian… I will surprise you by dowry…” Farooq uncle said in poor voice.

“Now we are talking…” Abdullah Mian laughed egoistic way.

“Khuda Hafiz Abdullah mian” Farooq uncle said in a lower tone and smiled worriedly.

“Khuda Hafiz… Khan saheb…” he stroked his long beard with a greedy laugh.

As Farooq uncle put his leg out of the door, his tears were pressured to come out, but he pulled back and clenched his fist. When he was walking, Amirah’s words echoed back in his mind: I love him Abu…

He determined that he will do anything to marry Amirah to her love. Till now Amirah followed everything he said. She never argued on anything. And now, after hearing her words for Waseem I will never disappoint her love. I’ll sell the shop and become a vendor, but I will never push her into the valley of darkness.

With a heavy heart, Farooq uncle entered in the home. Amirah came out with a glass of water. Her eyes were observing his anxious face and she understood everything. But her curiosity couldn’t hold her silence. As he sat in bed and hid his face in his palm like he didn’t want to show his helpless face to her.

She asked in a lower tone, “Abu, What Abdullah uncle said? Is he agreed with our Marriage?”

He nodded expressionlessly. Amirah supposed to be happy but she didn’t show any glimpse of happiness. She asked again worriedly, “Abu? Abu, why aren’t you saying anything?”

Farooq uncle raised his face like it was very heavy burden someone had put on his head, he looked at Amirah and words came with soreness, “He demanded us for dowry.”

Amirah gathered herself emotionally and sat beside Abu to console him.

“Abu, don’t feel bad. I will do anything you’ll say. I can understand our condition.” She hugged Abu with moist eyes and put her head on his shoulder.


Amirah went to her room and decided to write a letter to Waseem, and told about everything which was seemed to be hurdles for their love.

Assalamu alaikum,

Waseem, Today Abu went to your house. Your Abu has demanded dowry from us. You know well our financial condition. Abu disappointed by your Abu’s demand. I am sorry Waseem, I can’t marry you with fulfilling the demand for dowry. Please, forgive and forget me Waseem for the sake of Allah. We loved each other but without Allah’s will, we might never be together. Some lovers are knitted for forever, and some lovers are just stay lovers without being knitted. Our love will always remain eternal and pure. I hope Allah has already decided our fate for something good. I have faith in him. We are still friends and always will. Allah will always bless you with all goodness. Khuda Hafiz.

–– Amirah

She finished the letter and few tears fell upon it. She wiped his tears and inhaled a deep breath to calm down herself. She folded the letter and slide into the bag.

Next day, in college she gave that letter to Waseem. Her words made his heart melt. He couldn’t leave her from his life just for dowry. He wanted to garnish his future with her love and memories. And now suddenly forgiving and forgetting her??

Waseem squeaked in agony: Ya Allah…! give me a sign to bring her in my life. Give me a sign! Ya Allah…!!


Assalamu alaikum,

Amirah, you want me to forgive and forget you?? Yes, of course, I can forget you Amirah. Because I didn’t have chosen you to be in my life but my heart had chosen you. How can I forget you from my heart?? My heart is longing for you. My heart is craving for you, Amirah. I’m coming to meet your Abu. Allah gave me his precious sign. I will tell you about it when I’ll come to your home. Never lose hope Amirah. Khuda Hafiz.

–– Waseem


At evening Waseem went to Amirah’s house. Farooq uncle welcomed him. Waseem told his secret plan to Farooq uncle. As he heard Waseem’s plan, his eyes lit up with hopes, Heart had accumulated agony and soreness released. Amirah gazed at Waseem with her affectionate eyes. Everybody’s lips smiled and praised Allah. Alhamdulillah!


Another day Farooq uncle went to Abdullah mian’s place happily and fixed that he will give him dowry. Dowry, which will he never forget. After hearing Farooq uncle’s words, Abdullah mian’s opened his arm and gave bone-crushing hug. Happiness was flagging on Abdullah mian’s face. Abdullah mian’s wife praised Allah and words came out from her mouth: Alhamdulillah….

Good news spread out like a wind fire. Nobody in town believed that poor Farooq’s daughter is going to marry with well-heeled Abdullah Mian’s son. – people started to gossip…

Someone asked: “is it true what we are hearing or it is just a rumor!?”

Another said: “No, it’s true!”

Someone asked: “then what will he give in a dowry? Eh?”

Another burst out: “his shop?? I guess…”

Another laughed and mocked: “Shop!! HAHA… Then what will his family eat? Pebbles and sand!!”

People satirized to passing their time. But all were curious inside to know what he will give in dowry…?!? That was big suspense for them to satisfy their curiosity.

To be continued in Part – 5…

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