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Parul's Awaited Moment!

Parul's Awaited Moment!

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Cherished memory? 

For some it may be achieving their biggest goal, for some, it may be buying their favourite dress at a super affordable price while for some it may be marrying whom they love! 

But for Parul story was different.

Parul was a 26-year-old polite soul, who was married into a rich family. Her husband Samar was too supportive. He supported his wife in every way he could, be it her dreams her career or anything. But her mom in law was different! Since Parul belonged to a middle-class family, her mom didn't find her suitable for "The Chopras"! She had a perception that Parul's middle-class thinking would never let her adjust in this big family. But her husband, sister in law, brother in law and father in law thought different. They looked at Parul's qualities more than her financial status. 

"I'm sure, the way you love and respect her, your mom in law will do the same to you definitely one day!", her father in law consoled a crying Parul who was craving for her mother's love! But she didn't know her good times were soon to come. 

"Congratulations it's a baby girl!", the doctor exclaimed. 

Well, Parul had given birth to her and Samar's first child, it was a baby girl. 

"I'm so so happy for you Bhabhi!", her sister in law, Sukriti exclaimed in excitement. 

"She's so cutie Bhabhi, thank you for this!", her brother in law, Sahil said. 

"Thankyou Parul!", Samar thanked his wife with the utmost happiness. 

Parul was soon discharged and went home with her newborn. She had got everyone's wishes but was still waiting for her mom in law's wish. 

"She hasn't even seen her once, she will come na?", Parul asked Samar as she kept her baby girl in the crib. 

''She will definitely come, trust me and when she'll come na not only you but we three would be the happiest!", Samar explained Parul. 

"Did you see, our little Samar is a father now! And that too to a baby girl! You know when I first looked at their child, I went into flashback, and recalled how happy we were when Sukriti was born! Do you know those little fingers with which she held my hand and smiled for the first time? Oh my! I still get goosebumps and Parul and Samar were feeling the same too. They had tears and smile both on their face and I could feel how they were feeling!", Mr. Chopra told his wife, Mrs. Chopra in a hope that she'll melt. But maybe that wasn't enough, so he continued. 

"You and Parul are exactly in the same position, but with one difference. Well you had your mother-in-law's support for upbringing Surkiti but Parul doesn't!"

Mr. Chopra's words had hit Mrs. Chopra hard. She was in guilt. 

"Look Madhu, it's enough now, it's already been three and a half years and that girl, she's still craving for your blessings, your love, your concern! What is her fault? That she belongs to a middle-class family, a family that isn't equal to our status? But did you just see, the efforts this girl has put in to adjust in our family? Aren't they enough? Surkiti, Samar, Sahil all love her so much. Things which Sukriti and Sahil couldn't share with us, they've done with Parul! If she was this bad, they wouldn't have done it na! And, today you are Madhu Chopra, 27 years ago you were also Madhu Mehra, a middle-class girl whose father worked as a Bank manager! Did my mother in law trear you any less than my sisters? Then why are you doing it with Parul? Please stop Madhu. That girl who is now herself a mom still wants the love of her mother-in-law, who is no less than a mother for her! Please Madhu, just once go and hug her!", Mr. Chopra had put in all the efforts to explain his wife and expected a positive reply. 

Next morning, Madhu went to Parul's room.

"Is this way to take care of a newborn? You both are busy getting ready and poor baby is lying all alone helpless in the crib?", she shouted at both. However, Parul was smiling. 

"Now why are you smiling?", Madhu questioned Parul. 

"For the first time, not maybe with love but at least you scolded me!", Parul answered with tears in her eyes. 

"I'm sorry my dear child, all this while I've been hurting you for something that's not even your fault! For all these years you showed me the utmost respect and I didn't leave a single moment to insult you! I'm sorry Parul, I'm sorry Sameer, I'm really sorry.", Madhu apologised to both with tears. 

"No mom, please don't cry and do this. I still love you and will always love you. You're my mom! Our mom!", both together told Madhu and hugged her. 

"Acha ab rona dhona bohat hogya, ab se Pari mere paas rahegi!", Madhu said as she wiped her tears. 

"Pari?", Samar and Parul questioned. 

"Your baby girl, I've named her Pari, because she looks like one! Just like her mom!", Madhu said. 

Well for Parul it was indeed an unforgettable moment and memory she'll cherish all her life that Woman who hated her for the past three and a half years now hugged and blessed her, and it was all because of her baby, her Pari! 

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