Tabassum Hasnat

Abstract Drama Romance


Tabassum Hasnat

Abstract Drama Romance

One Step Closer

One Step Closer

3 mins

Wondrous were those eyne of yours,

where illusions of utmost utopia -

illuminated every time I held your gaze,

whilst the butterflies that I never knew -

existed before had let go of their cocoons,

bustling in some cranny of my belly;

and wretched was that dystopian glint -

of one loathsome reality that seeped,

into my lids from those very eyne of yours,

upon taking one step closer to you.

Wondrous were those lips of yours,

where words of such palpable profundity -

reigned their rims every time I trailed the tips,

of my fingers across them whilst tingles -

of one nonpareil ardency trespassed,

every inch of my skin;

and wretched were those fables of being -

imperishably in love escaping from the edges,

of none but those very lips and faultlessly,

fostered upon the tip of thy tongue -

only awaiting to weave their way,

into my insides the moment -

they were smacked against my lips,

as I took one step closer to you.

Wondrous was that heaving,

of your chest rising upon -

the forthcoming footsteps of mine,

and only falling into the tenderest lilt,

every time I paused before planting,

one of my palms atop a corner -

of that very chest whilst something,

seared into my flesh, something as raw,

as the fervour that always prospered,

from the proximity that you and I -

had flawlessly procured;

and wretched was when the chambers,

of your heart ceased palpitating a bit -

too hard as I took one step closer to you.

Wondrous was how those gaps,

breathing between our fingers gasped -

to be unfettered every time you clasped,

your hand around mine whilst our fingers,

moulded and demoulded unrelentingly -

until they, surviving every savage seam,

had seamlessly fitted with such -

fathomless perfection;

and wretched was the instance,

when the lines adorning your palms -

had parted ways with those of mine,

and never once adjuring to make amends,

and what left behind to make me -

reek of longing were the recollections,

of the love that had soaked me up,

midst the squeezes we shared,

till our knuckles turned white with -

every step I'd taken closer to none but you.

Wondrous was that embrace of yours,

a haven of mine as if crafted by the cosmos,

that harboured me from every hurricane,

of my life every time I slipped into it,

without the slightest dab of diffifence,

whilst that place between your arms -

flattered my flaws and hallowed -

the hours of my defencelessness;

and wretched was when my individuality,

became incapicitated somewhere right -

there between those arms that -

I had so ardently adored,

as the constant demand to be dependent,

upon you consumed me whole,

with every step I took closer to you.

Wondrous was the essence of your soul,

that eased the pits of my psyche amid -

the worst woes of the world,

and caused them to feel exalted -

even in capricious glimpses of glee,

whilst unbeknown to me,

my very being began to thrive -

only when encompassed by your presence;

and wretched was the moment that very -

being remained trampled, wilting away,

bit by bit in the ruins left behind -

by your absence despite every that,

barrenly endeavour of mine to take -

yet another step closer to you.

Wondrous had been the tale,

of the togetherness woven from -

whatsoever that once transpired,

between me and you;

and wretched was that never once,

envisioned end battened to that -

very tale that yet bruised me,

every now and then setting every -

that stroke of serendipity ablaze,

where all I wished was to take,

one step closer to you -

once again.

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