NRI! A Stranger In My Own Land

NRI! A Stranger In My Own Land

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Meenakshi was in a joyous mood, she was humming her favorite song and was preparing sweet dishes for her son Vishal. He was coming to India after 5 years in the US. He went there to study and had secured a job as well in a top MNC company. Meenakshi was very proud of her son and his achievements. She always boasted about him in front of her relatives and friends.

Prakash, Meenakshi's husband was a college principal and he always believed in simple living and high thinking. He never boasted about his son, neither spoke about his achievements to anyone. His thoughts and Meenakshi's thoughts were like opposite poles. Prakash was reading the newspaper when Meenakshi disturbed him.

Did you check if his flight had landed?? Meenakshi asked in an angry tone.

Yes, it has landed. He must be going through customs and security check. He is not a baby Meena, he will come home. Don't take too much tension, go inside and do your work.

You will never change in this life, why can't you go and receive him. Mehta will go to the airport and receive his son every time he comes from Dubai, learn from him how a father should be!!!! she uttered in anger and went inside the kitchen.

Prakash immersed himself in Newspaper, this was not new to him. His wife always compared him to others and taunted him. she wanted to live a luxury rich life, whereas Prakash loved simple living and did not waste money on unwanted stuff.

Around 3 pm the doorbell rang and Meenakshi jumped with joy, she picked up Aarti thali and rushed to open door. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Vishal with a smiling face.

She did aarthi and welcomed him, hugged him tight and tears rolled down from her eyes. Vishal was also a bit emotional as he missed his mom and dad for 4 years. Meenakshi took him to the kitchen and started feeding him sweet dishes that she had prepared and was overjoyed. Meenakshi called her relatives and shared her joy with them and everyone came to meet him and this continued till late at night.

A night around 11 pm, Vishal was sitting on a terrace watching the starry sky. Meenakshi came in search of him.

What are you doing here?? I was looking for you downstairs. Meenakshi came and sat next to him. 

Nothing mom just looking at stars, I loved to do this in my childhood. so just remembering sweet memories.

Both sat there looking at the stars and moon for some time. Vishal looked at his overjoyed mom and asked her "Mom are you happy now??".

Meenakshi looked at her son and said "Yes My dear son, I am very happy but I want to come to the US with you once and see Hollywood, get photos clicked at Liberty of Statue and see all places there, All my relatives will be jealous of us. Also, we should not miss Parliament House were that Bush, Obama and Trump work ". She was answering him innocently. while her son nodded his head.

So when are you going back?? Did you book your tickets?? She asked him furiously.

Meenakshi after finishing her talk, she asked her son. What about you Vishal?? Are you not happy with your achievements??

Vishal corrected his glasses and gave a sarcastic smile to his mom. 

He said "Mom, you always forced me to study hard and score marks. You forced upon your wish on me and sent me to the US, Now you are asking me if I am happy or not. Don't you think it is a silly question to ask me"?

"I did that for your own good son, I wanted you to be successful in life and earn money, lead luxury life, unlike your father who always thinks that simple life, Family and friends are everything and that is his satisfaction. He never wanted to move out of this country though he had an opportunity. He lived and forced me to live like a frog in the well". said Meenakshi.

" Mom, You never understood Dad at all, his life is a dream to many youngsters. In fact, I am very proud of my dad. Mom, I did all this because you were forcing me to do. I was always inspired by Dad and wanted to be like him". He paused for a minute and continued.

Do you know sometimes I feel, I neither belong to my own country nor to the foreign country. I am a stranger in my own land. I get irritated when my own people call me NRI. My roots are here, My life was shaped here, my people and well-wishers are here still I belong to a foreign country. Instead of developing my own country, I am working as a slave to another country who neither cares for me nor for my people. All I get is a salary, just like a slave. During my stay in another country I had to go through racism, bullying, and hatred and still keep quiet about it because I need money. Just money cannot satisfy my life mom. I need friends to share my joy, I need the family to encourage me and be there for me when I am down. I missed all these joys in life coz I was busy earning money which could not even fetch me happiness for a second. Please, mom, let me be here and enjoy my life, rather being a money machine. Allow me to do whatever I like to do. Do not make me a stranger in my own country". he told all this in one gush and ran downstairs without even waiting for an answer from his mom.

Meenakshi was lost in her thoughts, she did not notice that her son left her alone and stayed there thinking about the words she heard from Vishal.

Next day morning Vishal woke up and came out of his room after hearing loud laughter. His childhood friends were waiting for him. Meenakshi had personally invited all of them, offered them sweets and coffee. Vishal was surprised to see changes in his mother's behavior. She walks to him and says " I am sorry son, I never allowed you to do what you enjoyed to do. You will not go anywhere from now on... you will stay with us and live your life. I need a son, not an ATM Machine.... You are no more a stranger in your own land, you are one among us.

Both Hugged each other !!!!!

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