Raji PR

Abstract Tragedy


Raji PR

Abstract Tragedy

My Silent Support

My Silent Support

2 mins

Not sure where I'm heading in this life.

Nothing feels so interesting, everything seem to be a temporary distraction. 

Life is incomplete and I could feel it every moment.

Although I'm trying my best to make things work for the better, I'm finding it harder to attach the broken pieces of my heart.

Having a peaceful sleep without anything bothering my mind, seem to be a distant wish.

Where have I gone wrong , no idea.

The more I think, the more it makes me feel sad.

Never intended to deliberately hurt others, always have done my part to look out for the close family or friends.

But why do some people can't seem to appreciate it.

Why can't they genuinely see beyond certain things.

Growing tired of everything, each day.

Everything sounds so mechanical at times,

Just getting through the day like a machine,

With an automated routine.

Although I'm surrounded by some people some times,

I don't feel the true and complete connection.

Why does it feels this way, I wonder all the time.

Whatever I desperately wanted, I lost all hope.

Looks like there is no point to wish for certain things.

Tired of all arguments,

Sick of any minimal expectations.

Although I have very minimal expectations from very few,

But that also is increasing my stress each day.

No more of these going forward, 

They doesn't help in any way..

Everyone is selfish in this world.

Most of us say that we are not but all of us are selfish..

Maybe I'm no exception..

I'm selfish to expect to feel real happiness without any annoying things in the background..

Maybe I'm selfish to find someone, whom I can be really happy with.

But this is life and hard to realize that a distant dream is just a dream..

Can't be a reality..!!

The only little relief that I find is to share these things with you..

You have always been listening to me..

Giving me a little hope for future..

Thank you so much..

Although it's silly to thank a diary, but you have no idea how much relief you give me at times..

Not even any human..!

I know it's silly but you have always been my silent support and I'm indebted to you greatly..

Love you so much..

Thank you for not leaving me alone..

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