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Abstract Children Stories Drama


Raji PR

Abstract Children Stories Drama

My Angels

My Angels

4 mins

Mom, Daddy - this one is for you.

From long time, I have been thinking to write about the wonderful people without whom, my existence wouldn't have been possible.

I never could start writing, fearing that whatever I write, would not be enough to exclaim how lucky I am, to have you both in my life. I was scared that words wouldn't be sufficient to describe how much I am indebted to you guys for lifetime, for everything that you have provided me.

Since my childhood until now, you both have been a huge support for me in each and everything. I have been through many lows in my life and you were always there with me, for me, giving me enough strength to move further.

I know, I might have done some things that you are proud of and appreciate.

I know that I might have done something's that you were not so proud of. Yet, you never left me alone. You were always there with me, in whatever I did.

Some decisions were very hard to make. But, you never denied. You only wanted my happiness always. You have no idea how much I appreciate that.

Though I always try to express my gratitude through my words and actions, I know that it's not sufficient.

We were not very well to do, financially in my childhood. But, you never made me feel that way. You sacrificed your own luxuries, to give me a proper education and all other required things. You always gave me my own space to figure out things. You guys never made me feel low.

I don't think anyone would be equal to you in my life. Nobody can ever be compared to you guys. Because I know that nobody would ever love me that way. That unconditional love and bonding, I never got from anyone and I doubt if I would get that from anyone else in the future.

I always almost share my achievements with you, I feel very happy doing so. I love to make both of you proud.

I don't share the bad parts or some aspects that cause me immense pain because I don't want you to worry about me. There were some very bad times that I might have thought about trying something to end everything, but whenever I hit rock bottom, you are my first thought. You always keep me grounded even when you are not physically with me.

The fact that you guys depend on me is a blessing. That thought keeps me in check all the time whenever I feel low. It makes me to bounce back stronger and it gives me strength to keep going because you guys need me.

The way you look after me, I don't have sufficient words to describe how thankful I am and how lucky I am to have you in my life.

I know that I am not very happy about certain things in my life but I think I am almost successful in making peace with some of them. There was pain and still there is some immense pain at times, but I guess I will do just fine and move forward.

No matter whatever it is, I will try to continue with the flow of life. I thought I was right in making some important choices in life, which I am not so happy about right now. But that's okay I guess, we never know what happens and not every time we get what we want.

I will keep trying. Will keep trying to be on the right path. No matter wherever you guys are, you are the ones closest to my heart. And trust me, without you, I would never have been able to achieve anything.

I am just thankful to God, that I have wonderful parents, who are my guardian angels and who have always been my pillars for support and will always be.

I am extremely sorry for whatever pain I have put you through at times but I Love You both so much. I wish, hope and pray that I will always try to make you both happy, as long as I am alive.

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