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Abstract Drama Children


Raji PR

Abstract Drama Children

Beautiful Sky

Beautiful Sky

1 min

Staring at the vast expanse of the sky

Pitch dark, neither black nor thick blue, somewhere in between.

Very few stars are twinkling at a distance adding so much beauty to the sky.

Wonder what secrets do they hide.

Such an unique experience to look at the sky, the stars.

Gives a lot of inner peace with unsaid happiness and contentment.

Laying down on the terrace,

Looking at the sky,

Slight cool breeze around , kissing my face.

Soothing my soul.

Giving a great sense of relief.

Feeling true sense of belonging here.

How lucky I am to experience this, to be here.

Feeling very glad and thankful.

Neither money nor any kind of luxuries are equal to this feeling.

Most of the time, we are so worried about countless problems in our life and stop admiring this simple beauty around us which can give us lot of relief or contentment.

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