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What if you are not getting enough attention from certain someone.

It's okay, we will still live.

It's not that we are going to get devastated because of it.

We will still need to survive.

Yeah, we would get hurt in the process.

And there would be pain, which is not new.

After a while, we all will get used to it.

Very few, are lucky to have someone in their life, who puts them first, majority of the time.

Yes, there will be instances when that will not happen.

But that's still okay, we can adjust and compromise at times.

"At times" is different from "all the time".

We know the difference as we can feel it.

If everytime there is an excuse of something or the other, we get tired of it.

So much so, that even a normal conversation is difficult to make.

Sometimes there is not even an excuse, sometimes there is not even a proper response or acknowledgement.

Sometimes, it just feels like an endless cycle of being taken for granted.

Going through the repititive cycle, we become tired and numb to certain things.

When we find someone who show us enough attention and respect that we deserve, we need to hold on to that person.

Some of us are lucky to have these kind of people in their lives and some of us are not so lucky.

Whatever it might be the case, we still need to carry on our lives.

Being sad or feeling terrible is still okay.

But the worst part is when you have to pretend that everything is fine to the people surrounding you. But in reality, from within, you are feeling anything but just that.

Sometimes you might wonder like,

"Who am I?

Where am I running to?

Whom am I running from?

What am I doing?

Everything would be blank.

Ending things seems very appealing.

But it's not that simple.

I wish if it were that simple without any complications."

Sometimes we feel that,

" I miss someone saying to me "I love you"

I miss someone saying to me "I miss you"

Not just through words but through their actions

I miss someone saying to me "You are beautiful, You are truly beautiful in and out"

I wish how life had been, had I been with someone, for whom I mean the world to them.

I wish how life had been, had I been with someone , for whom, everything else come next to me.

I always wonder if there is any concept called "soulmate".

If there is one, then I am sure I had not met my soulmate yet.

And I doubt, if I would ever meet that someone who is non existent in my life.

Love can never be forced or induced.

Nobody can work out to generate love at their will.

After multiple attempts, if there is positive response that makes you feel it different, then maybe there is love.

But even after multiple attempts, if there is no positive sign, then there is absolutely no hope.

It's better not to waste any energy on something that is not meant to be.

It would be hurting but better to cross that phase alone."

It's hard to make peace with certain things in life but it's very important and some where in that process, we might find some relief.

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