Raji PR

Abstract Tragedy


Raji PR

Abstract Tragedy

Constant Pain

Constant Pain

1 min

Everytime I try to make some effort to take it somewhere.

Somewhere meaningful and long term.

It's always ending back to square one.

Always ending with some sort of disappointment.

No matter how hard I try,

Only one constant thing that I feel,

That one constant thing is the pain.

Sometimes it's so intense that it's hard to breathe properly.

Hard to remain normal.

So hard to pretend that everything is fine to the people around you.

But the burning emotions inside are very hurting.

No matter whom I talk to,

No matter how hard I try to find the genuine companionship.

People always try to take advantage of the goodness.

Always making me regret the choices I made in life so far.

Always making me to second guess my opinion of people.

Amidst everything, being alone sounds so comforting yet so difficult.

One day at a time is what I'm trying to take.

Yet some times in a day, it feels very bad that nobody can truly understand the depth of the emotions.

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