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Joan Nader

Comedy Children

My Lost Remote

My Lost Remote

1 min

There are two in the act, their name is 



Good morning Friends 

Leon: Good morning Arul

Arul: good morning Leon 

Leon: come on Now it's time to play Arul

Arul: come we can play football because there is no heat 

Leon: OH yes you are right Arul because after 12:00pm the heat comes 

Arul: come we will start the game 

Leon: ok come on let's start 

Leon: come Arul now it is 12:00pm come on let's go to the room and and sit In A. 

Arul: oh now now he is asking remote 

Leon:come on what are you thinking come fast 

Leon: Arul where is the remote 

Arul: l don't know Leon 

Leon: come on find the remote Arulllllll

Arul: okay don't shout 

Leon: come on now the movie will start shshs

Oh, I got the remote.

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