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Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller

Missing Man- Part Two

Missing Man- Part Two

5 mins 271 5 mins 271

Fatal Temptation

"Who are you?" I asked the man standing in front of me.

"I'm John Doe, I'm the one who can pull you out of this fix right now." said the man.

"You don't want to tell your real name; but how can you solve my problem." I asked that man.

"We are going to pull a job which will make us rich and free you from your debts." said John Doe.

"You mean a theft?" I asked with a surprise.

"No, an armed robbery........" replied John Doe.

"Robbery; I cannot think about it, forget it......." said I thinking about the basement of the mansion.

"You are a fool mister Sid.......I'm short of one man that is why I’m offering you this opportunity otherwise there are men who will be willing to die for this thousand crore heist......" said John Doe.

"And I think there will be more than thousand ways to get killed while doing this job?" asked I.

"I anticipate if everything goes well none would be died........" said John Doe.

"You mean people shall die......." asked I.

"People die crossing the road.......make your mind up...........I need one man to drive us out of the heist venue….…you need not to kill anyone; just drive us out of the mess after the robbery……if you think you can do it, come to Colonel Pass at seven in the morning, I'll wait for you just for ten minutes......" said John Doe and went towards a waiting car on the other side of the door.


When I got back my body was aching badly. After one hour I ate my dinner silently and went into my bed. After three hours or so I decided to open the door of basement as the servants must have gone to their quarters by now.

The big house was really empty as I anticipated. The door of the basement was locked, I needed a hammer to break the lock of the door. I searched for the hammer but I found a big stone instead. The lock was very made of iron and it could be broken after a few powerful blows. I hold the stone in my and I started hitting the lock with it. The sound of hitting was echoing in the big house. The watchman and servants might wake up and come in the direction of the basement. After several powerful blows the lock was broken finally and I opened the basement door. There was a narrow stair going down to the basement. It was dark everywhere, there was no electric switch around to illuminate the basement. I took out a torch from my pocket and switched on it. Now the dusty stair was illuminated and I was alighting down carefully. The basement was damp and there was junk everywhere, there was nothing valuable which could solve my present financial crises. I was about to leave then I saw there was something in one corner of the basement which was unusual for that place. There was manual grass cutting machine. There were no cattle in the mansion, what the hell for that machine was? I went close to that grass cutting machine and focused my torch light on it.

I looked at the grass cutting machine carefully; there were dark smudges all over the machine including its blades, the smudges were thick and dried. I was surprised to see the grass cutting machine in the basement of the mansion but the dark smudges all over it were mysterious. I took a little saliva from my mouth on my index finger's tip and rubbed it on the smudge. The smudge didn't come off but it stuck a little on my finger tip. I looked at it, it was reddish; it was like dried blood, I was surprised if it was human blood.

What the hell was going in this basement? Was it a slaughter house, human slaughter house?

Now I was terrified to see grass cutting machine. Who was using this machine? Anita was the owner of this mansion; did she have anything to do with this machine? There were dark smudges on the dirty floor of the basement, plenty of smudges. I carefully examine the floor of the basement below the machine, there was a little shiny substance just below the machine. It was a tiny glass piece or something like that. I picked it up and was surprise to see it; it was a tiny diamond or fugazy diamond worth nothing. If it was a real diamond it was may be worth a few thousand rupees which was not going to help me much. I placed that diamond in my pocket carefully and looked for more diamonds but there was none. After two hours I came out of the basement terrified and confused.

I closed the door but there was no way of shutting it. I went to the washroom and examined my finger tip, yes there was blood. I had no idea if that blood belongs to an animal or a human?


I went into my bed but there was sleep in my eyes. I couldn't sleep all the night. I was thinking about Ponty and his men who might do anything to extort money from me. I was thinking about John Doe who was inviting me to take part in an armed robbery. I was thinking about the manual grass cutting machine and blood smudges on it. I was even thinking about the diamond or whatsoever it was which I found in the basement under the manual grass cutting machine.

It was five o' clock in the morning, I thought for a while and got up. I took a warm water bath, dressed casually, made a cup of hot tea for me and drank it.

I was thinking about the heist and driving John Doe and his men out of the mess. It seems easy but money doesn't come so easily, was I going to become just a pawn in the hands of John Doe or whosoever he was? I jerked my head and came out of the mansion and hired an auto to go to the Colonel Pass because I couldn't use any car in the dirty job which I was planning to do today.

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