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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Dr.Shweta Prakash Kukreja

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Dr.Shweta Prakash Kukreja

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The hall was packed with crowd. It was one of the country's most reputed and awaited beauty pageant. The models walking on the ramp were glittering like stars in the night sky. Today was the last day and winner would be crowned.

Amid the audience was one face that drew everyone's attention. Among all beautiful people,make up clad faces, she was an irony. As she sat in the front row the lady besides her gave an awkward look. She noticed but sat as if she didn't care what people are looking at. It was strange to see that with a burnt face and neck she was seated with a calm and serene mood.

"Why do some people think to be part beauty shows?" someone mocked from the back.

"We always crave for what we don't have. "another one answered jokingly.

"Her house must be devoid of mirrors. "and a laughter followed after this remark.

People were whispering and passing odd remarks but she sat like a statue as if nothing affected her.

"Who gave her the invite to spoil this show?"

And suddenly there was an announcement on the stage. .

"And the time has come crown the most beautiful lady of the country as Miss. India. For this may I call upon the most gorgeous female we have today among us. The deadly combination of beauty with brains. The one who defied all the standard of beauty. The one who started her own venture to make women beautiful. She is none other but CEO of Naira Cosmetics,Ms. Lovely. "

The crowd applauded but the moment she stood the hall came to stand still. There was not a single soul who was not stunned. Those who were mocking at her just before the announcement sat dumbstruck. She gracefully went to the stage and held the mike before crowning the winner.

"Hi all kind souls. It's a moment of pride and honour that I got a chance to be here. Someone in the crowd truly judged me. Yes! you were right I don't have mirrors at my home. I don't have any because they always reflected a false me. It always showed me a burnt face for which I was judged . Infact even today was mocked here for that. But I believe mirrors can't show you what you have within. That's what is most important. I knew my beauty is beyond this face of mine. I worked hard on it and today achieved my own identity that mirror fails to reflect. You all are adorable but try to achieve that no mirror can showcase.

Why not to have faith on your ability and talents rather on your facial features? Trust me they are those features that would never age with time. No wrinkles, no greying they will continue to make you beautiful as long as you're alive. "

After a long silence the winner herself started clapping and then the hall reverberated with the applauding sound. The winner along with runner ups came forward and crowned her with the glittering diamond studded crown.

"You are the one who actually deserve this. "

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