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Dr.Shweta Prakash Kukreja

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Dr.Shweta Prakash Kukreja

Inspirational Others



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'Rinky, pack your bags. We are going to granny's house. "papa knocked the door and ordered.

"But papa why at this time?Is granny fine?"I was curious.

"Yeah all fine. Your granny has finally agreed to live with us here and so we have to go there for selling the house, field and some other property. Then we will bring her here. "he smiled.

"Oh! That's great papa. At last she understood. . I need her badly. After mumma I feel all alone here. "Papa hugged me as he always knew what I was going through.

As  our flight landed New Delhi I could see the hustle bustle at the airport. I always loved India but it was papa's job in Tanzania that refrained us to spend much time here.

All sorts of people on the road, stalls on the pavement, heavy traffic was symbol of life that I always longed for.

Then we took a cab and headed to granny's place in Rewari, a small town in Haryana. The fields radiating yellow lights with mustard crop, the roads crawling like a snake, the little kids waving hands at us always took my heart away. I always wanted to be here. Even mumma wished to settle here as she always felt lonely there in an alien land. But papa was adamant.

"Dadi!I'm here. "I ran towards her and held her tightly. Tears welled up in her eyes as she kissed my forehead and then cupped my face in her hands.

"I missed you so much my apple pie. "her voice trembled.

"Not more than me Dadi. "I wiped her tears.

Papa touched her feet and then called up Sharma uncle who has been looking after the house when we were not around. As they both were talking about selling the house and other property I could see my granny upset. She has spent her entire life in this house and was attached with it.

"Dadi you don't want to leave India, right?But then why did you agree to sell the house?"I enquired as she was massaging my hair.

"You know dear, this house is very precious for me. Your father was born in this house . These walls, this corridor and this courtyard has seen him grow as a child. Even your mumma spent golden moments in this house.

You won't believe when she used to sit with me in the courtyard your father would throw plums from the terrace to call her up. "she winked at me.

"Ohh dadi!This is something unbelievable. I can't imagine Papa to be so romantic. "I chuckled. Papa was sitting in the verandah but I knew his ears were listening us silently.

"Yes he was. He would bring roses for Rita and would hide beneath his shirt. Once as he bent and a thorn pierced his abdomen. "dadi and I laughed our hearts out.

"Rita was pregnant with you when your father got a job. She never wanted to leave this house. We both spent hours talking and sharing our sorrows and happiness. She was my bestie you know. Even after she left I never changed anything in her room. Still everything is in the same manner the way she kept. Her radio in the kitchen, her cup as she sat near the window, her favourite yellow curtains. Everything is there except she herself. "dadi was crying.

Papa got up and went to his room. I knew even he was missing mumma. I too followed him in the room. I held him from his back

"Papa why did she leave us so early?"I asked.

"Maybe she was not happy with me. Maybe I didn't fulfill her wish to live here in India with amma. "he kept looking at the courtyard. Suddenly it started raining heavily. We both rushed downstairs as water collected in the courtyard.

"Dadi get up. Let's sit inside, it's water all around. You'll get wet. "I was looking at the rain.

But she didn't pay heed and instead was busy making a boat with her shaking hands.

"Raju remember this paper boat?"she asked Papa.

Papa was in tears . He took that paper from dadi, unfolded it and made a paper boat. He then sailed it into the water in the courtyard.

"Rita would always make paper boats whenever it rained. It was because of her I never got the outlet repaired. I always make paper boat when it rains. My Rita would enjoy while looking at this from heaven. "she cried. We all were in tears.

In the morning Papa got up early and was busy with some papers as usual. He already had his tea. Sharma uncle arrived with another bundle of papers. As dadi sat in the verandah Papa came, "Amma we will leave tonight. I have done all the preparation, only few formalities are left. "

"But that's too quick. I thought we will

 have to stay here for a week or so. "I was sad.

"Yes even I thought of spending few more moments. . . one last time. "dadi sobbed.

"Now we all will spend lifetime here amma. All the things are done as I have resigned from my job. I and Rinky will be going tonight for some formalities and will be back within a week with our belongings. "I couldn't believe my ears.

"Oh, you're the best dad one could have. Yay!we all three will live together here. "I was dancing.

"No, we all four would live together here. "he hugged me while looking at the paper boat that was still lying in the courtyard.

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