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The Bald Buddies

The Bald Buddies

4 mins

It was hard to believe that how Navya has changed in the last two months.The girl brimming with energy, filled with joy and her laughter reverberating in the house has suddenly slipped into the blanket of silence.

Her gadgets remain untouched as she prefer to lie on the bed looking outside the window.

Everything changed the day when she was confirmed with cancer.

Even after numerous efforts by her parents she wasn't able to get back to her life.It was not cancer deteriorating the body but her mental status that had given up.Navya didn't want to battle as she was left with no hope of living.Once the house bustled with her chortle and now she barely smiled.

She was a social animal and was very active on her Instagram page.Her day began with checking her page, making reels, posting videos and making every effort to increase the insights.Her Instagram buddies Mohit and Sweety were dearer than her own family. She would jump with every beep and never missed to reply any message.Late night video calls, group calls were a common sight in her room which she called 'my global world.'

"Navya get up dear.Your phone has been ringing since long.Atleast see who's calling."her mother came closer stroking her back. "No Maa ,I don't want to talk to anyone."she turned her face towards window.Her mother wiped her tears as it was painful to see Navya giving up all hopes.

"Darling there are so many patients who have survived cancer.It's not the end of life.You'll win this war my braveheart.Just try to be optimistic."she tried to persuade her.

"Maa how could one be optimistic when she knows her end is near.This bald scalp, these dark circles , deteriorating health remind me everytime that I'm finished.Who is going to befriend such an ugly appearance?" She retorted.

Before she could add further her phone rang again."Maa please switch off the phone."she said irritatingly.As her mother held the phone she saw it was a video call from Mohit.

She picked up the call and moved out of the room."Heya aunty,how are you?I hope everything is fine.Actually I and Sweety were concerned about Navs.Where is she? It's been long she is not active anywhere.Is everything okay, aunty?"He asked all his questions in one breath.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she disclosed Navya's poor mental health that was affecting her physical health too.He was astonished beyond measure as he never expected Navya would face such a phase in her life.He asked her mother to switch on her laptop in the evening as he would call again.

In the evening Navya was sitting in the balcony staring the sunset.She loved watching sunsets.Suddenly her mother arrived holding her laptop.She switched on the device and kept on the table infront of her.

"What are you upto Maa?"she got annoyed on the sight of the laptop."It's an important video regarding cancer.Just watch once,it will help you." She answered while moving her fingers on the keyboard.There was a call on Skype and before Navya could say something her mother answered it speedily.

"Hey Navs where are you bro? It's been months we haven't seen each other."Mohit's voice echoed.Navya looked at the screen but didn't answer.Before she could get up to shut down Sweety appeared too,"What are you upto babes?Oh my God!these dark circles suits you dear.See your eyes look so deep now....as if wearing a smoky makeup."she chuckled.

"Okay listen today is friendship day.I know you would have forgotten. Sweety and I have brought a gift for you."Mohit held a small packet in his hand.

"I don't want anything.I just want to live alone....infact die alone.Please leave me

"Navya yelled badly.

"Okay bro,chill.Just have a look at our gift and then we won't bother you."Sweety requested.As Navya faced the screen she saw Mohit and Sweety holding something in their hand."One, Two and Three...here we go."they both counted simultaneously and started shaving their head."No....no..you don't have to do this.Please."Navya got up and came closer to the screen."Please stop it.Please don't do this Mohi ...stop Sweetu."she cried loudly.Even her mother was stunned looking at the screen.

"Yo, that's like our bro.Navs we all three are friends connected by our hearts.Then why you felt that we will judge you.Infact you should have discussed this with us the day you got to know about this."Mohit said

"Yes,Navs buddies make things easier.Remember last year you posted this quote on your page?Then why you deserted yourself and never allowed us to connect.Now we three together will defeat this cancer."Sweety winked .

Navya was astonished but touched with what they both did.She wailed, "You stupid fellows,Why did you shave your head?Sweetu you were not supposed to shave those beautiful locks."

"We just wanted to look alike.Just to make you sure that you are not alone,we are there with you in your battle."Sweety replied with teary eyes."Oh God! I'm so lucky to have you both in my life."and she posted a hugging emoticon."See how rocking we all three look with our shining shaved heads...."Mohit chuckled clicking their photograph.

"Share this with me..I will share on the page with title 'The Bald Buddies' and once again the house bustled with her laughter."

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