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Dr.Shweta Prakash Kukreja

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Dr.Shweta Prakash Kukreja

Abstract Inspirational Others

Love Is Boundless

Love Is Boundless

4 mins 213 4 mins 213

Neeti was getting ready for an important day. After a courtship of four years with Naman finally, their parents agreed to talk about their marriage. She was decked up in a beautiful pink saree with matching jewellery. As she marvelled herself in the mirror the door knocked. It was her mother, Rakhi along with bua.

"Oh My God! You look mesmerising baby."Rakhi exclaimed as she saw Neeti.

"Bhabhi she looks just like you."bua was about to hug her when she yelled, "No I don't look at her neither I want to be like her." and walked away from the room.

"Bhabhi look at the way she shouted. Why do you keep quiet every time? You never utter a word. Your sufferings are the outcome of your silence." bua sighed.

Rakhi didn't say a word and left with a smile on her face. Naman and his family were welcomed by Rakhi and Rajesh (her husband). Naman's mother was elated and hugged Neeti, "My son is so lucky to have you as a life partner. Even we are lucky to be connected with such a respectable family."

"Respectable...huh!!" Neeti mumbled.No one heard but Rakhi knew what she said. Everyone was engrossed in conversation when Rakhi got up and came forward.

"This is an occasion of joy and elation for both the families. Now that our kids have decided to tie the knot and we all are family I want to share something with you all. For many years I have been waiting for this day when my little birdie will fly away to her own nest." she looked at Neeti with tears in her eyes.

"Let it be Mumma, Naman knows everything. We don't wish to create a scene at this moment." Neeti got frustrated but tried to maintain her tone.

"No dear, I'm not going to create a scene. I'm just answering all those questions that have been thrown on me for the past twelve years." she continued. Everyone in the room was gazing at each other in puzzlement.

"It's been twenty-seven years Rajesh and I are together. Our love grew for each other since then. Our affection enhanced when Neeti entered our lives. My intimacy with Rajesh knew no bounds. Yes! I trusted him blindly in fact I still trust him." she smiled looking at him."Twelve years back I came to know that Rajesh was in a relationship with someone else. Everyone put allegations on me that it might be my fault or I was not able to provide him what he needed and so he approached some other woman. Even Neeti got furious over my silence.

But I kept mum as I didn't have any problem with his relationship. Love is boundless, it doesn't have any boundaries. Marriage cannot force two persons to not love any other person. I still love Rajesh and respect his love for that lady. He was committed to doing all his duties and he has been rendering them so well. He even asked me to get separated. But it was me who never wanted Neeti to suffer. It was our decision to bring her into this world and she has the right to get the love of her parents.

Naman, Neeti now that you both are starting a new relationship I just want to give advice.Love each other intensely but don't bound your partner. I'm not promoting extra-martial affair but love can happen twice too. Love is unconditional and doesn't require that your beloved should be there with you or should love you with the same intensity. And you won't believe it was Rajesh's faith in me that made me so strong to face all this. We decided to stay together till Neeti gets settled. He motivated me to write and introduced me to the world of the Internet, blogging and all. He made me realised my true worth that is beyond being a wife or a mother.

Rajesh I'm truly indebted to you and feel proud to have you as my life partner. But I want you to have your share of happiness too. So now when my daughter is settled and my husband too.." she winked..."Even I'm shifting to Canada. I have got a job there and will be settling there after thud marriage."

Neeti was in tears and ran cuddling Rakhi in her arms."I'm sorry Mumma. I'm so sorry. I never tried to understand your circumstances."

"It's okay dear. You were not matured enough to realize all this. Enough of tears and wailing. Let's gear up for the celebration." she kissed Neeti.

"I'm proud of you Mumma and I'm so happy for you." she plastered a kiss on Rakhi's cheek.

"I know why is she so happy...because her foreign trip is confirmed as every time she wishes to visit her mayaka she'll be flying to Canada,"Naman announced loudly and the house echoed with laughter.

Bua~ father's sister

Mayaka~a girl's paternal house

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