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Shruti Narkhede

Horror Thriller


Shruti Narkhede

Horror Thriller

Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream

5 mins

(On voice call) 

Stevan: Hello! Ryan you coming tonight right because it's your turn this month so don't be late okay? 

Ryan: Oh yes obviously how would I be late today don't worry!? 

Stevan: Glad to hear! Okay so see you tonight! Don't come up with the best ghost stories! 

Ryan: Yeah yeah everything is ready for tonight! Just stay strong so that you don't get scared to death after hearing tonight's story! 

Stevan: Well I am very much excited! Okay, see you tonight bye! 

(Every month as usual five friends decided bonfire horror party in which they share most horrifying horror stories) 

"Okay, so the whose turn is it tonight for telling the story?", Gabriel asked while adding dried leaves in the bonfire. 

"It's Ryan's turn today. It seems he is ready with some nice horror story for tonight!", Stevan replied turning towards Ryan with a half-faced smile. 

"Oh yes because this story is based on a true incident which took place in our town itself! So what say? Should we start now?", Ryan asked with a serious face. 

"Oh my gosh...We are all excited so yeah let's get started", Sherry replied. 

A long time ago in the year 2007, On 20th October in our town, there was a bizarre terrifying accident that took away many innocent lives in a blink of an eye! Now I will tell you guys about that mysterious accident in detail. 

Liberal High School was one of the prestigious schools in this town at that time. Students from that school excelled in studies as well as extra curriculum activities.

In that school, Andrew Charles was a professor who used to teach Science. One day he taught Oneirology to his class that is the study of dreams and then he drew an ugly face of a man on green board and then he told them about that man. He turned towards the board and while pointing towards the face he said, 

"The face of This Man is an amalgamation of many common facial features. The hair is full and yet also balding. His eyes could be any color at all. His lips are partly full and partly thin. He has no distinctive race. His face shape is simultaneously angular and round. Cover the lower half of his face and he looks old; cover the upper half and he looks young. Cover the right half and his eye is hooded, his nose large, his lips full; cover the left half and his eye is smaller, his nose petit, his lips thin - in fact, it's a very different face altogether. Mostly the black and white face is seen. These myriad common features mean that many people, from all over the globe, might find familiarity in his face and therefore seek to perpetuate the viral nature of This Man".

He turned towards the students and gave further information about the face. He insisted that in New York in 2006, the patient of a well-known psychiatrist drew the face of a man that had been repeatedly appearing in her dreams. Later, another patient recognized the same portrait and claimed that the same man also visited him in his dreams.

The story went on, and the psychiatrist circulated the image among other patients with recurring dreams and found four others who dreamed of This Man. The snowball effect continued until more than 2,000 people claimed to be dreaming of This Man. In this way, many people dreamt of this man who was mysteriously appearing in everyone's dream but what was more bizarre was that the patients who saw this man in their dreams died by some unfortunate accidents. 

After a while, the school bell rang and the class was dismissed. That day as usual after the school hours students got into their school bus for departing their house. 

Suddenly after a while, one boy realized that the route they're heading towards is wrong and he yelled that he doesn't reside in this route. As soon as he said this all the students got alert and realized that the school bus was going in the wrong direction and probably the direction which was prohibited. 

They all started yelling loudly and asked the driver what was wrong with him that day but the driver ignored them and instead he accelerated the speed. The school bus headed towards the direction of some remote area in the forest and then the students saw a signboard. On the signboard, it was written... (Danger!, Cliff Ahead, No Fence) 

All the students started shivering, crying, and begging the driver to stop the bus but... Lastly, they reached the edge of the cliff and that's where the driver turned back towards the students and he was none other than the face they learned about today during their science class that mysterious face that appears in people's dream... The driver gave a broad creepy smile and said, "Now that you saw me let's go to the world of the dream together"!... that's when the school bus conclusively fell off the cliff. 

In total 32 students along with the driver were being dead or killed we can say in that unfortunate accident. The most terrifying thing is that nobody's body was been found out later on just that the accident was trapped in the CCTV footage there. 

Wait! Are you talking about that forbidden haunted forest which leads to that cliff? Sherry interrupted Ryan and asked. 

Yes! Even now if you go in the forest you will hear many deadly voices and probably you won't ever return once you enter there, so it's strictly prohibited now. 

But how did they saw that face? So Was it that driver that mysterious man? Stevan asked curiously. 

Nobody knows the truth some say all the students were sleeping and while sleeping they fell off the cliff and probably they dreamt about that man whereas Some say that driver turned and got possessed into that mysterious man. So it's still an unsolved mystery. 

But one thing is for sure once you see the portrait of a picture of the face of that man your death is near they say!

If you all have already seen the face now you cannot unsee it. I hope that this face doesn't haunt you tonight in your dream! Best of luck. 

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