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Sakura Chan

Horror Crime Thriller


Sakura Chan

Horror Crime Thriller

Google Meet (Chapter 2)

Google Meet (Chapter 2)

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1 Year later 

3rd July 2021

It's been almost 1 year now and yet Mr Edd is in coma. Doctor conveyed that they themselves don't have any idea about when he would regain his consciousness. 

17th July 2021

It was grey wet Monday evening. The sleety rain drizzled down, neither very hard, nor very fast, but steady. The sky was low and gray with the rain pouring heavily all over the city. Everything didn't seem as usual as it should be, as the soft drizzles turned into thunderstorm and lightening in an blink of an eye. 

Mrs Evans (Mr Edd's mother) was in kitchen when she received a call from hospital. It was an urgent emergency call about Mr Edd so she was told to rush to the hospital as soon as possible. Taking her car she headed towards the hospital but the weather wasn't so good today, she was stuck in traffic for almost 30 minutes. Finally after she reached there she went to Mr Edd's ward. She was thrilled and overwhelmed to see her son regaining his consciousness. She went close to him and hugged him tightly with tears rolling down her cheeks. Doctors said this was not less than some kind of miracle because they tried everything but they were still helpless and lost their hopes but he finally woke up! Mr Edd regained his consciousness but was unable to move yet so he was laying on bed. Mrs Evans asked doctor about Mr Edd's hospital discharge. Doctors told that it would take 2 days to run some tests on him so he would be discharged after 2 days. Mrs Evans was asked to return home and visit tomorrow morning as the weather too wasn't so good hence she left at 9pm and headed towards her house. 

Now Mr Edd was alone in his ward wondering what exactly happened to him and why. It was midnight 2am now and Mr Edd was sleeping on his bed where some strange noises awoke him. That's when he saw someone's shadow on his window, he tried to move but he failed...! 

As soon he tried hard moving the shadow he saw on window vanished and finally he was able to breathe. He tried sleeping but then he again heard some weird sound like someone's growling as soon as he heard he opened his eyes and he saw a dark shadow with red eyes standing besides his bed.

He was choked to see that and was scared to death. He tried yelling hard but the evil entity stopped him from doing so. Mr Edd was in tears with terror and fear in his eyes, he started sweating badly that's when thankfully a nurse arrived for giving him medicines and he was saved coincidently the entity vanished. After seeing Mr Edd in this state she instantly called doctor. Mr Edd finally spoke up and the first thing he said was, "Please save me.. Please! Take me somewhere else... She will kill me... please!".Doctor comforted him and made him calm by giving him some sedatives. They called Mrs Evans and told her about the current situation of her son.

Next morning Mrs Evans hurried to hospital to watch over Mr Edd's condition. Eventually Mrs Evans got a çall from his best friend Tony and he said he would be visiting hospital today to meet his old buddy after a long time. 

Tony and Mr Edd were best friends since long back. They were together since high school and later Tony went abroad for his further studies whereas Mr Edd became a detective. Tony heard about Mr Edd's condition so thought of visiting him and spending some time with him. 

That day Tony visited hospital and they reunited. Mr Edd's condition was improved gradually. Tony and Mr Edd talked about their good old high school days. After then Tony Inquired him about his condition and further asked him about how exactly did he get brain injury and go into coma... What truly happened 1 year ago!

Mr Edd replied, "Actually I came across a very weird case 1 year ago. Four girls died mysteriously on the same day on the same date. I tried solving that suspicious case but ultimately I landed up here in hospital and that case is probably buried now".

"Yeah so that's what I am asking! How did you land up here? What caused you to go in deep sleep for almost a year?!", Tony asked him with a serious look on his face. 

"To be honest I was so much shocked to experience paranormal incident in my life for the first time. That day I met Clara's soul who confessed that she killed them and even told that she would kill me too if I meddle between her revenge". 

"Dude wait! What? Clara's soul? You mean your dead sister? How is this even possible Edd! You kidding me?". 

"I know nobody would believe me that's the reason I didn't tell anyone yet... I don't even know what was her connection with those 4 girls to take revenge from them!" Mr Edd told while getting out of his bed. 

Tony said, "Okay, let's say I believe you but then how did she come and who were those four girls? " 

Mr Edd said while terror overtook his face, "Four girls named Diana, Emily, Anne and... Ah who was the 4th one I don't remember now... they carried out some Seance together which resulted into the arrival of Clara's soul...and next day itself they died!". 

Tony's expression dulled, "Emily? Wait! Emily you said?... You mean Emily Richards? She died?!". 

"Ah wait I don't really remember their last names as its been a long time but kind of yes I even met Richards family once so probably yes its Emily Richards! You knew her?", Mr Edd asked Tony with confused face. 

"Dude I was dating her and I broke up within a week since long back... I didn't know this happened because since lately we weren't in any contact and I was busy with my stuff. Seriously so she is dead now?".

Me Edd replied with grinning face and a half faced smile,"Whoah! your ex is dead and after 1 year you're aware of it.....more on there's not a single tear I see in your eye! You still a playboy I guess! As usual you never change...good of you".

"Obviously man I didn't change even a bit....and I won't ever...haha! By the way what's the scene with Clara now? Whatever you said, is it really truth? like did she come here just to take bloody revenge, she killed them in order to take some sorta revenge...is that it?", Tony asked with curiosity.

"I don't really know....but one thing is for sure I want to know what is the reason behind her death, how did she actually die!... because nobody knows how my sister actually died. I was told she ran away from house and then probably she went missing for almost 8 months.... And suddenly one day mother told me that your sister Clara is no more. I am pretty sure mother knows something about sister's death and is till date hiding it from me". 

"And why do you think that your mother is hiding something from you?", Tony asked. 

"That's because her body was never found... We never had an opportunity to say last goodbye to her...!". 

Tony giving faked expression, "Oh my God! That's sad to hear..! But why you worrying so much about her as it is you hated her right?.. And don't worry buddy she will not kill you cause if she had to take revenge on you she would have killed you long back.... So chill okay!". 

While they were talking nurse arrived, "Mr Edd its time for your medicines now!... Sir you may leave now because visiting time is over". 

Tony headed to his house and Mr Edd went to sleep after taking his medicines. 

19th July 2021  

Today Mr Edd was getting discharged from the hospital. He along with his mother headed to his house after 1 year. 

After reaching home he asked his mother, "Mother how did Clara die? Where is her grave? Why did she ran away?. 

"Edd stop asking me all this. I have an headache so don't bother me more! Nobody knows why did she run away, so stop thinking and stress yourself, go in your room and relax", Mrs Evans replied sighing. 

Mr Edd replied, "Mother why you do always change the subject whenever I talk about her? Can't you ever tell me truth about her? She was my sister I deserve to know about her!!". 

"What do you want to know that how she died? Don't you know how much pain you gave her? Didn't you know she how much she suffered? You were ashamed of her as your sister just because she was suffering from Slight Autism... Yet she was your sister Edd but you never treated her like one so stop blaming me for everything. Why you complaining now! ", Mrs Evans replied anxiously. 

Mr Edd asked, "Mother I agree I hated her because of her disorder..But how come you know that she died if you didn't even find her lastly? ".

"Edd! I received a call from an unknown person who said that Clara was found lying in an abandoned room and she was totally burnt even her face.... That man found our address in some of her belongings. They buried her grave there. That's how I knew she's dead.... You had your finals so I didn't tell you and yet I never felt like telling you this". Mrs Evans further added and said, "I need rest now... Let's talk later.", and after saying this Mrs Evans went in her room and slammed the door. 

Mr Edd was speechless after hearing his mother's words. He left in his room right away!

On the contrary, Tony was sick and was suffering from severe cold and cough. That day Tony went to bed early after eating his dinner. He switched off the lights and tried to sleep. Half closing his eyes he turned his side and he heard some kind of growling... With his half closed eyes he felt weird hot sensation around him. Now he opened his eyes fully to look around what's wrong with the room atmosphere and that's where he saw the most horrifying dark shadow standing exactly besides his bed and gazing at him in the gloomy dark room.


Tony choked his breathe and was scared to death...he started chanting God's name loudly as possible as he could...he started yelling loudly God's name... While yelling he saw the shadow vanished finally he got up from the bed to switch on the lights...


And as soon as he got up he heard growling right behind himself... As he turned back the shadow that is the evil entity (Clara) killed Tony instantly and fed itself on the body of Tony.    


On 20th July at midnight 2am Tony Richards died. Next day his rotten corpse was found lying in the backyard of his apartment. Cops arrived and investigated his apartment. They saw the apartment with blood on the floor as if the body was been brutally dragged off from the bedroom to living room.

Mrs Evans and Mr Edd rushed to his place and saw cops and investigators all around the crime scene. Mr Edd was dreadfully affected by this terrible death of his high school friend Tony. As he was about to leave he looked at Tony's window and was horrified to see the most disturbing thing. Clara was staring at him from the window.


Mr Edd understood that Tony's death was actually a murder done by his dead sister Clara! But the question which was haunting him was that why did Clara killed Tony that too so brutally? What did he do to her that she took revenge on him?... All these questions were making him restless day by day. 

Some days passed away and Mr Edd was still struggling to find his answers. Finally Mr Edd was physically improved a lot but mentally he was devastated. He conclusively joined his investigation department again. 

One day he just casually thought of going in Clara's room which was closed since long back. That room was never opened since Clara disappeared. Mr Edd took the room's key and entered her room. He switched on the lights and started exploring her room...and suddenly he saw Clara standing besides her closet and gazing towards him. He held his breath tightly and was petrified with terror overtaking his face. Clara came closer to him and caught his neck tightly, she had long sharp nails through which she scratched his neck.

She said in a growling voice, "Brother do you know your sister killed your best friend and my ex. Guess now whose turn is it to die.... Uhmm... is it mother or my brother? You say brother... I will give you special offer as I have always trusted and loved you the most".

Clara please don't kill me... I didn't do anything... Trust me.. Please leave mother and me. In fact till date I and mother don't know how and where you died. We couldn't even give you a proper goodbye. I agree I hated you but I never genuinely hated you because ultimately you were my sister. 

Clara scratched pressed his neck more tighter and said, "Brother...so your dearest best friend never told you what he did with me? He never told you how brutally he killed me? You denied him to date me because I was suffering from mere autism but you never took my side! That's where you went wrong my dear brother...and mother's biggest mistake is that she abandoned me.... You know what? I was beaten badly with wooden blocks, I was been drowned alive, I was been locked up in a place where mad stray dogs scratched my body with their teeth and claws and this wasn't enough to kill me.. So finally they set me on fire... I was burnt alive. And so I am back to take revenge from each and everyone who is responsible for my death... You and mother are both equally responsible for all this as you ignored all this so You have to die... You all deserve dying!!!!!", and she lifted him in air catching his neck forcefully eventually a priest entered the room and splashed holy water on Clara's entity which made her weak and the entity disappeared.

Mrs Evans rushed towards Mr Edd and took him out of the room and along with the priest and they decided to lock the room forever. He started chanting God's name in order to close the door forever with spiritual power but Mr Edd suddenly interrupted him and yelled, "Wait!... There's something I forgot inside! Please let me take it first then you may lock this door forever". 

Mrs Evans worriedly tried stopping him but the Priest interrupted and said, "Okay go inside and take this holy water and crucifix in your hand and return as soon as possible". 

Mr Edd went inside and opened Clara's closet where he takes out one old dusty diary and returns back safely... After which they locked the door forever. 

Mr Edd went into his room and started turning the pages of the diary which he brought from Clara's room. He opened the first page where he saw it was Clara's personal diary. He sat and started reading her diary. 

In Clara's diary she stated everything she went through during her high-school days. 

Clara was 3 years younger than Mr Edd. 

(While in high school I had huge crush on my brother's best friend Tony. Whenever Tony visited our house I wasn't able to take off my eyes from him... I liked him a lot. Eventually one day I confessed Tony and to my surprise Tony replied me saying he likes me too.

We started dating but didn't spent time together because whenever I would ask him out he would say he's busy...! One day I thought of visiting him and ask him what's wrong. I visited his house where I was broken completely to see Tony with other girl. Tony was just playing around with my feelings and wasn't serious about me. I suffered from severe heartache, mental breakdown and my condition worsened as days passed by. 

Tony one day even told my brother about me saying that... I am really mentally ill... I stalk him day and night which makes him uncomfortable. But he didn't mention about he cheating on me...that day after returning home my brother yelled badly towards to me saying, "Stay away from my friends for god sake! Don't linger around them and make them uncomfortable...do you even know how irritating person you are?! I know you like Tony but he would never even look at you so stay in your limits!". 

That day I sobbed badly in my room because I was the one who suffered and was in mental pain but my own brother treated me this way without even listening once about me. This hurt me more.

So I thought of seeking revenge alone for the pain which I went through. I went into Tony's class during his ongoing lectures and yelled about shit him. I told everything about him in his class... After hearing this Tony was raged and his face turned. He was been embarrassed to attend his class and was ashamed of the propaganda which I caused in his class. 

Next day four girls came to me and asked me to be their friend. After which we all started spending time together. I was now gradually recovered from my heartache..but things weren't so easy in my life. After a while when I got more close to those four friends conclusively I was invited to a party at Anne's house one of my friends from my group. We enjoyed the party while Anne made me drink lot of strong alcohol. I was badly drunk that night. After a while at 2am that night I found myself drowning in water. I cried and shouted helplessly and yelled for help but nobody could hear me and came for help. 

Finally in morning at about 4am, I saw Diana, Grace, Emily and Anne together came and saved me. That day I almost died...I thanked my friends for saving me. Anne and everyone else worriedly asked me that how did I ended up here!...but I clearly was not in the state of talking, I instantly collapsed...My face was shrank and I was looking completely pale. I was been sent home after which next day I woke up and I noticed that I had severe rashes and had bacterial infection upon my body.

I thought a lot about how did I end up drowning in that pond...but I didn't get any hint but one thing was for sure somebody definitely tried to kill me! After some time I was recovered.

We got midterm vacations and so Emily, Diana, Grace and Anne told me that they have planned a trip to a hill station...so they invited me to join them. I asked mother whether I should go or no...but she ignored me. Mother didn't even care about me...because she never once considered me as her daughter...and that's because I was been adopted by my father before his death...so it was genuine for her to not care about me. So I without even letting her know headed to the trip with those four. We reached and I was treated very weirdly by them...and eventually I heard they talking about me. That's when I found out that drowning and killing me was their plan...They never once considered me as their friend but I was their enemy..as they wanted to take revenge on behalf of Emily's boyfriend Tony.

Tony was now dating Emily and in order to seek revenge from me, he and these four girls collaborated. Accidentally Emily saw me hearing their talks so they came towards me and forcefully took me to some abandoned old room...where they left 4 mad stray dogs on me....I was brutally scratched and bitten by them by their teeth and claws...after a while they ran away from there. My condition was worst...I wasn't even able to walk. They left me there and they locked the room without even giving me anything to eat. I was starved to death for almost two days and then somebody opened the door and I saw Tony...I apologized him...I begged him to leave me but instead, he said, "Hahaha! Don't even expect this from me...I am worst when it comes to take revenge", and he picked up a wooden block which was lying besides me and he beat me brutally with it and those four behind were enjoying...that's when I almost died.)

Mr Edd saw this was the last page of the diary...and nothing further was written. After reading her diary Mr Edd cried like hell. He wept and sobbed like a baby and was emotionally hurt. His heart pierced after finishing her diary. That day he felt real bad for his sister and he missed her. 

He gave this Diary to his mother and told her, "Mother, you and me never considered her our family but still after reading this its hurting like anything to know how badly my sister and your daughter suffered".


Mr Edd and his mother the next day arranged a ceremony to give a proper goodbye to Clara with lots of love. They arranged her funeral and many people visited her with bouquets and gifts.

Finally Clara saw that she was been lastly considered as a family and her revenge is complete; now she can Rest in Peace forever! 

                THE END


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