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Sakura Chan

Romance Tragedy Fantasy


Sakura Chan

Romance Tragedy Fantasy



13 mins 216 13 mins 216

"Hey buddy! What you doing sitting alone here?", Louis asked Harry.

"What do you think she must be doing now? You know what? Recently I am missing her a lot!", Harry replied nervously.

"Harry! Come on buddy cheer up now! By the way I found her account on Facebook".

"Oh yeah I know, I stalk her daily nowadays on Facebook", Harry said with half faced smile.

Louis in excitement, "Haha I knew it because I saw you recently stalking her! Oh by the way dude I forgot to tell you our class summer trip is going this Saturday!". 

"Ah this trip is going to be goddam boring mark my words! Instead let's go hangout somewhere else", Harry replied with dull look on his face. 

"Dude I am going this time because you know what? Cindy is also going on that trip... Come on dude it's good opportunity for me to win her. At least think of me and decide please!". 

"Ah you really suck ugh! Okay fine let's go" . 


On Saturday Harry's class headed towards the summer trip as planned. Harry wasn't really interested in this trip but just because of his best friend he decided to go on trip. Harry and Louis were best friends since 3rd grade. 

Conclusively they reached the destination and after a while Louis got busy with his crush Cindy. On the contrary Harry was wandering around alone where he bumped into a girl and he turning towards her saying sorry. She was just looking at him and didn't utter a word. 

Harry and that girl without uttering a word were just gazing at each other and that's when Harry asked her with overwhelmed look on his face, "Daisy? If I am not wrong you're Daisy Wilson, right? 

Tear rolling down her left cheek she said," Yes and if I am not wrong you're Harry William, right?

"Daisy I missed you girl! I finally got a chance to meet you! Finally! How have you been?". 

"Oh yeah finally after 5 Years we are seeing each other that too coincidently. You have changed a lot! I mean your face and your dressing sense!", Daisy said with a smile on her face". 

"Ah yeah somewhat... But you didn't change much except your hairs. You don't have that Bob cut anymore! By the way you got way more pretty!", Harry replied while looking at Daisy more pleasingly. 

"Thank you!", She said with a grimacing face. Additionally, she asked, "By the way what you doing here? I mean you came here alone?". 

"Ah no actually I have come here with my class a boring class summer trip". 

"Oh whoah same pinch!... Oh... I gotta go now! My friend is calling me, sorry! hope to see you soon again", Daisy said while waving her hands towards Harry. 

"Okay yeah sure! See you soon". 

Daisy turned her back and as soon as she was heading towards her friend Harry yelled saying, "Hey! Wait! Listen this before going. I don't want to lose you again. I don't want to regret later on. I don't want to miss this opportunity. I finally got to meet you. Can I finally confess you now? I held it back since long time. I really didn't get chance or maybe I was afraid or nervous.... So finally I want to confess! Daisy I liked you since our childhood please don't part your ways again this time. I don't care if you're dating someone else now... But all I want is to know you about my true feelings! I am sorry to be so sudden...! Damn it's awkward now!". 

Daisy turned towards Harry with tears in her eyes and said, "I know you liked me but you never got a chance to confess, the same situation was with me... I too liked you and I was about to confess when I heard my family's transfer news and we got transferred here and so I never got chance to speak. Later on our paths got totally changed. I tried to contact you on Facebook but I saw that you seemed happy with someone else so I didn't bother of saying, But you know what? I still like you Harry! I was just awkward to face you this time as we are matured enough by now and I thought it's just me who likes you still".

They finally hugged each other after 5 years and reconciled on the summer trip itself. They spent good time together and returned back. 

Harry and Daisy were together since 1st grade. They spent most of their childhood times together. Gradually as they grew up they fell for each other..! Both of them thought its their one sided love but finally they realised at one point that both have feelings for each other. The time they realized... it was too late. When they were in 9th grade Daisy got transferred to a new place in a new city. After which they lost their contact to meet each other. During that time cellphones didn't have much social apps. They gradually got busy in their schedules and then college and it went on. But deep inside they missed each other a lot! Harry stalked her Facebook profile and surprisingly Daisy did the same. Now finally destiny brought them together! 


And then they lived happily forever and ever after!... No wait! Love story can't end without a tragic twist right? 


It's been 2 years now since Harry and Daisy are together. Now Harry was graduated and was employed and Daisy became a professor in her college. Everything was getting back to normal. They were happy together and were planning to get married. On the contrary Louis and Cindy got married successfully! Louis finally won Cindy her unrequited crush and got married to her. 

Harry's dad was an underrated scientist. He discovered many unique inventions but more absurd. People called him crazy because ever since his wife died due to cancer they said he went crazy over her and his discoveries. So people started considering him more of a psycho than a scientist! But Harry respected him a lot. He always stood by him. 

Recently Harry discovered that Harry's dad was working an old pocket watch which was a piece of his grandfather's discovery. Through the help of that watch one can get easily hypnotised and that person can go back in the past. 


Harry was excited for his father's new watch discovery. Meanwhile Harry and Daisy had an argument regarding who won the marathon which was held during their childhood times. They argued over this and that's when Harry said, "Okay I clearly remember I won the marathon because I injured my leg later on". 

"What? Come on I too clearly remember that you cheated during the marathon by taking a shortcut and later on you were disqualified...and the injury you got was because you fell in the forest while running", Daisy replied laughing. 

"Okay let's confirm it... I have something which can confirm. Let's go back in past and see ourselves. My dad has a pocket watch that can help us to go back in past. Let's go!", Harry took her hand and both ran in Harry's father's invention room. 

"Whoah! Your father is really genius I must say", Daisy replied surprisingly. 

They started searching for the watch and finally they found it. First they read the manual which was kept along with the watch and conclusively they used it. The manual said that you just have to think the time and day in your mind and that's it. Hence after reading manual they started the set up. There was a stand on which they tied the pocket watch and later on as they sat in front of the watch which later started moving like pendulum and finally everything went white.... And that's when they found themselves in past sitting in the old room of Harry's father. 

Harry and Daisy without wasting time ran to see who finally won the marathon...and then they found out none of them won because the winner was Louis. Daisy won semifinals but lost finals. Harry was about to win but he was later on disqualified so the actual winner was Louis. 

Daisy and Harry sat down seeing all the good old times and reminiscing those best childhood memories. They spent their half of the day there and also Harry got a chance to see his mom who was alive that time. They cherished all the memories together and lastly at evening they returned back.

As they returned back they saw Harry's father standing besides them and were startled to see him. He asked Harry and Daisy if they enjoyed the trip to past or not. They replied saying, "Dad thanks a lot for discovering such an awesome invention. You're best person we've ever met. Honestly loved it and love you more!". Harry's dad was in tears after hearing this and he took Daisy and Harry in his arms. 

After 1 month Harry and Daisy decided to get married. Daisy's parents and Harry's dad gave them blessings and permission for their marriage. Hence the marriage plans were made. Marriage date was exactly after 2 weeks. 


It was 31st New Year evening yet 1 week was left for their marriage. Harry decided to propose Daisy properly with a ring this time on New Year. He purchased a beautiful flower bouquet and a pretty ring. Harry asked Daisy to arrive at exactly 7pm. Daisy got prettily dressed and she headed to meet Harry. An hour passed and it was 8pm but still Daisy didn't arrive, Harry was getting angry because he told her to arrive at 7 sharp...but he thought of waiting for her till 9pm.

At around 8:30pm Harry received a call from his dad. His dad told him to come quickly to the hospital in a very choking voice and told him that Daisy is no more. He dropped his phone and was shockingly disheartened to hear about Daisy and ran hurriedly to the hospital where he heard that Daisy was heading towards him and that's where she met a terrible accident and lost her life. Harry went towards doctor and threatened him to save her but the doctor was helpless because she already was no more. Harry cried, sobbed and made a scene in hospital. He was devastated while wasn't ready to accept the fact. 

Harry's father and Daisy's parents consoled him a lot but he was just an alive corpse. Next day was her funeral ceremony but Harry didn't attend as he wasn't accepting the fact of her already being dead. Harry was obsessed with her and loved her a lot. Louis heard this news and came to cheer him up... Louis tried a lot to gain back his old friend...but as the days were passing Harry's health was worsening. He started skipping meals taking antidepressants and sleeping pills. 

One day as Harry was laying on bed he got reminded of his father's pocket watch. He decided to go back in time and avoid Daisy's accident. With the help of the watch he went back in the time on 31st, 7pm when he was waiting for her... He instantly called her and said, "Daisy! Stay where you are don't come to meet me I will come to you!". As soon as he said this he ran towards her house but as soon as he reached there he saw, she is dead in an accident near her house. Her mother asked her to bring eggs from the grocery and that's where she was headed but once again she met an accident. 

Harry came in the present time and went back again in past. He again found himself standing and waiting for her with a ring and a bouquet. He again called her and repeated the same thing and asked her to not go anywhere even if her mom tells her before she could even reply he hung up the call. He again ran towards her house and once again she was found dead. Because the time he called she was already in the grocery shop and while crossing the road she died. Then finally Harry realised that stopping her won't do he must stop that particular vehicle which hit her. That vehicle was a white coloured van. 

He once again went in the past and this time he found that vehicle and stopped it. He asked the driver to stop and stay where he is. But the driver didn't pay attention to Harry as he thought he is a psycho person. He got angry on Harry and yelled at him saying he is in hurry stop creating nuisance on the road. At last once again the accident occurred. Harry was totally devasted and started crying loudly on road itself. 

Suddenly he found himself in the present and saw his father standing besides him holding the watch in his hands.

His father sat beside him while consoling and said, "Son! I know what you're feeling now. I can understand what you're going through, But whatever you're doing is not going to change anything nor your present. It's just the fated death which you cannot ignore or avoid. What do you think I never tried going back in past and bring back mom? I was equally devasted and depressed as you. I tried it multiple times, I tried my best to avoid her death. I tried every possible thing but all I could do was just see her dying in front of my eyes each and every time. If your death is fated you cannot change it and even if you change it fate will play its game. You got to let go the past dear! You have to accept the fact... that's how life is. That's life's cruelty. You and me nobody can change the law of death". 

Harry's father after saying this asked Harry to promise him to never go back in past again. After hearing this from his dad finally Harry burst and sobbed a lot and he promised his dad that he would never go back again. Eventually, he accepted the fact gradually and tried focusing on his life. After some days passed he visited Daisy's grave and gave her a warm goodbye with a beautiful flower bouquet and the same ring which he purchased for her. He also kept her favourite childhood toy near her grave and uttered, "I know we are not together now. Our dreams and everything has been shattered in a blink of an eye but don't worry I will live cherishing our best memories throughout our lifetime and soon come to you. Till then wait for me and love me forever. Love you Daisy! ", after saying this he walked off. 


Time definitely flies fast. 7 years have been passed away. Time gradually heals everyone's deepest wounds. Harry is now living peacefully with his dad. He has become an successful person. He didn't get married whereas he is still cherishing his beloved memories of his love. Harry every month visits her grave and spends time with her. He successfully overcame his trauma and now seems happy. 

One day as Harry is wandering in a garden by himself and he bumped into a little girl. That girl fell down on ground after bumping and started crying. Harry bent down towards her and wiped off her tears with his handkerchief and said her sorry. Conclusively that little girl's mother called out, "Daisy! What are you doing there? Come on baby we should go now!". 

After hearing the name Daisy, Harry bursted into tears and wasn't able to resist himself from crying hard. He couldn't control his tears and emotions. Harry went running towards that girl and said while sobbing," Thanks a lot for coming back again, I missed you a lot. May you live long this lifetime. My best wishes and blessings are and will always with be you". After saying this he walked off with a real smile of happiness on his face. 

"Each of us is a story 

waiting for a devoted reader 

who will take us off the shelf 

and embrace all 

our plot twists!" 



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