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Shruti Narkhede

Horror Thriller


Shruti Narkhede

Horror Thriller

The Cursed Painting

The Cursed Painting

13 mins

(14 February Thursday) 

And finally today I decided to confess my feelings for her as it was valentines day. I did my rehearsal several times in front of the mirror and finally gathered my guts today. I purchased a beautiful flower bouquet and headed towards my school. I was really nervous. Because this was the first time I was ever confessing to the person I had a crush (Percy Anderson) for the past 1 year.

And the most awaited moment arrived I finally reached school and opened my school gate but I saw something weird going in school. The whole school huddled up at one place and seemed gossiping. I was curious to know what's going there and headed there, later conclusively whatever I saw I was just blank to see; I was so totally choked that the flower bouquet fell off my hands! 

Do you know what I saw? The most terrible and horrifying thing I can ever imagine! 

I saw a dead body of a girl lying in front of my school surrounded by blood all over her and the dead body which I saw was none other than Percy's body. Additionally, I heard one classmate saying how can she commit suicide out of blue? Everybody thought she committed suicide including me. But now I can say it wasn't a suicide, it was a murder! 

What exactly happened? Why would a cheerful girl commit suicide out of blue? Or was it a murder? 

There were many questions arising without a hint of the answer! 


Andy William is a 17-year-old school guy. A very passionate and talented guy. 

Mr. Gray George is a Painter. He is famous for his realistic and live Portraits. Now he is an Artist Educator in schools. 

Percy Anderson is Andy's classmate. She was known for her beauty in their school. Basically she was a beauty with a brain. 

Fred is Andy's best friend. 

Darcy Richards is a cheerful girl. Best friend of Percy Anderson. 

(Darcy, Sarah are Percy are best friends) 


(1 week before Percy's death on 7th February Thursday)

"Hey, Andy! Where were you? I was busy looking for you in corridors!" Fred asked me annoyingly. 

"Don't you know where to find Andy when he is nowhere to be seen?" Obviously with Percy... his unrequited love! Darcy Whispered to Fred. 

"Stop it guys I went to Percy for borrowing her notes" I replied with red cheeks. 

"Ah Whatever, by the way, I have breaking news now want to hear?" said Fred with excitement! 

And eventually, Sarah arrived and said, "Wait I will tell the breaking news! And the news is... a famous artist is going to teach us realistic painting".

"Yeah! But the most important and strange thing is that if he's so famous why would he teach art to school students rather than painting live portraits in art galleries", Fred said. 

Darcy replied turning towards Fred and said, "Why? What's wrong with teaching students?" further she added "I mean it's good right he's sharing his knowledge and skills with young artists! Maybe teaching must be his side job". 

(While they are discussing Percy arrives and tells..) 

"Guys! We are told to assemble in the Art room now! The Principal asked me to convey this", Let's go!. 

Sarah sighing and asked, "Now?

"Ahh... The art room is on the 3rd floor! I am sick of going upstairs. It's really tiring". 

And our class assembled in the art room. It was the first time we ever genuinely entered the art room as it was one of the unused rooms in our school. We never had any art teacher since long back. 

On the contrary, we all were wondering how would be our new art teacher, and eventually, a person entered the art room. He had long blonde hairs and the most strange thing about him was his face! He had several cuts all over his face like somebody has scratched his face long back. 

My classmates weren't so happy to see him at first but later on as he started talking he seemed like a very good person. I would call it the first impression of him. 

"Hello, dear fellow students and my young artists! Nice to meet you all! Myself Gray George and I are going to teach you all how to make realistic paintings and artwork". Mr. George introduced himself and smirked. 

Our principal asked us to greet and welcome him to our school and so we welcomed him, but to be really honest we weren't so comfortable with him. That day passed and we headed back to our respected home.

While returning from school I saw Mr. George standing in the corridors of the 3rd floor. He was looking at us and the moment I saw him he gave a wide broad smile... kind of creepy. I ignored and walked off. 

8th February 

The very next day 8th February we had our art class after our regular classes. Accordingly, we decided to go and as we headed there we saw a basket full of fruits, and besides, there was a basket of flowers. Many students didn't attend this class as they weren't so interested in painting or art. This art class was basically optional only for those who love paintings. 

"Come on and join me. Take your seats and make yourselves comfortable first".

"You see I have kept here the basket of flowers and fruits. Now all you have to do is start your first artwork by drawing the baskets and later on by painting them to give a realistic look. The best drawings would be displayed in the upcoming school exhibition! Good luck ", said Mr. George and he sat near the window observing us.

Actually drawing was my hobby. I loved to draw and sketch since childhood but was never really into painting, hence I wanted to learn painting genuinely. 

After 45 minutes Mr. George came and started scrutinizing our paintings. He was startled to see everyone's painting. 

"I am really lucky that I am going to teach realistic painting to such brilliant students! Your today's paintings are really mesmerizing and each one of you has your own way of drawing but about one thing I am disappointed in one person, Miss Darcy Richards ", Mr. George said and turned towards Darcy. 

"You are not really interested in this class. Are you Miss Darcy? I see you are misbehaving here!" 

"Actually sir I came here because of my friends... I don't have much interest in painting and drawing", darcy replied with a grinning face. 

"So, in short, this is timepass for you I guess. No worries girl carry on", and after saying this Mr. George turned back, and simultaneously the school bell rang and class was dismissed. 

We all packed our sacks and left the art room. 

(while leaving our class Mr. George asked Darcy) 

" Darcy! Tomorrow meet me in the art room during your regular classes".

"Okay, sir. Sure", said Darcy and additionally she asked 

"Why during classes sir? I can meet you later on right?" 

"No, meet me during your classes I have something to show you". Okay so see you tomorrow! 


"Hey, Peeps! Don't you all feel Mr. George is a good person excluding his personality?... I mean yes he is a bit scary and weird because of his scar but he's a really brilliant artist I can say", Fred said. 

"Oh yes, even I feel the same. Anyways never to judge a book by its cover right?" Sarah replied with a smirk. 

Fred gnashed his teeth and said "Look at these love birds. They are least interested in our topic. Wait! Are they dating?"

Sarah simpered and said, "Not sure. I thought Percy wasn't interested in him at first ... But now that I see I am sure I was wrong... As they both are very much into each other. Ahhh my best friend!". 

Fred and Sarah stared towards Andy (me) and Percy giving an angry look. 

Eventually, I was asking Percy about her drawing interests and her hobbies. That's when I got to understand more about her interests and tastes. 

I liked Percy ever since I first met her. I kind of got attracted to her at first sight itself. I wasn't really into a relationship but after I met her I felt like I genuinely like this girl in my entire life for the first time. 

Percy was beautiful just like a beautiful sunset. Once I saw her I couldn't take off my eyes from her, and that's when I decided to confess her oncoming Valentine's day. 


Today the climate wasn't really great. A bright sunny day with a humid climate all over made it boring to go to school today. I met Fred on my way. 

"Andy dude! I am done now... I can't walk anymore... Ahh, this sunlight is really annoying me to death today!"

"Come on man! So.. Do you want me to give you a piggyback ride?". 

"Ah Andy you're such a great person!, I am really lucky to have you as my best friend. So you giving me a piggyback ride... Right?" Fred asked with a grinning face and smirked. 

"Get lost idiot!" , I replied with a weird look and ran towards school-leaving Fred behind. 

"Hey wait for me, idiot! I can't really run in this situation... Heyy!" 

Eventually, we reached school, and I met my friends. 

"Hello, Andy! Good Morning!" Percy greeted me with her beautiful smile. 

"Heya Percy! Good Morning" I replied to her. 

Fred and Sarah gave us a very displeased look as if they are going to kill us now. 

Our regular class started and the very next moment I saw Darcy going upstairs. 

"Sarah! Why is Darcy not here attending class? Just now I saw her going upstairs", I asked her. 

"What? Oh yes, today even I didn't see her since morning. Where is she going exactly?". 

"Don't you know she is been called by Mr. George in the art room!" said Fred and further added, "Yesterday while I was leaving the art room I heard Mr. George telling her to meet during our regular classes". 

"Oh I see but during regular classes? Why? He can even meet her after class right?", Percy asked with confusion all over her face. 

"Maybe because she was misbehaving in yesterday's art class. Mr. George was looking at her with a bit of anger on his face ", I replied. 

"Yeah, even I noticed. Let's see what happens. Let's ask Darcy when she's back", said Sarah. 

Meanwhile in the Art room. 

"Welcome dear Darcy! Do you know you are very beautiful! I would love to show you today how pretty you are by painting your realistic portrait".

"Come, girl, stand here. I will draw your best portrait. You should consider yourself lucky now", said Mr. George and asked darcy to stand near the wall. 

"Okay, sir I will go and stand near wall. Thank you, sir. I am really lucky", darcy replied with a smile. 

Mr. George took his paintbrush and art palette in his hand and said darcy something very much weird. 

"I will draw your portrait but there's a serious warning! You must not move even a bit while I draw if you move you will die exactly after 5 minutes. Keep this warning in your mind and now you cannot back off". 

"What? Sir, what are you saying? I must not move even a bit? If I do I will die? Does this even make sense?" darcy willed herself not to laugh because she felt it very much fun. 

"Don't worry girl it's for your good sake. Okay so let's start with your masterpiece". 

Darcy was tired standing for a long time. Her legs started shivering because it had been 45 minutes since she was standing in the same position. 

And eventually, she lifted her left leg without recalling the warning which was given. 

"Ah, so you decided to avoid the warning. Anyways I finished your portrait just a final touch is required. Want to see?" 

"Warning? Whatever you said was true? Does that mean I will die now after 5 minutes?" Darcy replied with the tensed look. 

"Now listen carefully do you know you have been chosen to be alive in this portrait forever so consider yourself lucky. I will hang this portrait exactly where you are standing now", and Mr. George started with his demonic laugh. 

And after saying this Mr. George turned into a skeleton. 

Darcy was scared to death after seeing this look of Mr. George.... and finally, she tried running off as fast as possible but... It was too late to escape. 

Later on, she was found dead in the corridors of the 2nd floor. The whole school was shocked to see her dead. 

Me, Percy, Sarah, and Fred were still not able to believe that she died. Her body was sent for autopsy and we got unbelievable results. Her cause of death was not found until the very end. Her death was the most mysterious thing ever happened in our lives to date. 

After her death, the atmosphere in our school completely got changed. Her death brought drastic change and grief in our lives. Nobody was cheerful and jolly as before. 


Almost 3 days were passed after Darcy's death. It was really tough for us to move on from the incident that took place in our school. The most suspicious and mysterious death of Darcy. 

As usual, I entered our school and I saw Mr. George in the 3rd-floor corridor scrutinizing something on the 3rd floor. 

I really felt something off about Mr. George since the start and that's when Fred spoke up my mind said. 

"Guys, why do I feel like Darcy's sudden death has kind of connection with Mr. George?!" he further added and said, "Whatever I feel has some meaning in it because Andy saw Darcy going upstairs when our classes were going and definitely we didn't see her that day on 1st floor. Everything seems fishy about her death". 

"Yes, even I agree with Fred. Definitely something is off with that weird person Mr. George. Something definitely happened in the art room", I replied. 

"But then why was she found dead on the 2nd floor? I mean if it was the case then she would have been on the 3rd floor right?" said Sarah. 

Percy replied, "Even I agree with Andy and Fred. Today morning I went to Mr. George for asking today's class schedule and I too felt something weird about him". 

"Wait... What? Were you on the 3rd floor today morning? Andy asked widening his eyes. 

"Yes, I went to ask him today's class schedule... and later he asked me to arrive at the art room tomorrow". Percy answered him. 

"But for what purpose? So are you going tomorrow?" 

Percy turning towards Andy and said, "Yes because I want to ask him about Darcy. What exactly happened to my best friend in the art room. Yes, I will definitely go ". 

And that's when I got extremely angry with her and I shouted her for making this decision. I was really not in my senses. And I ended up feeling embarrassed about such weird behavior. 

She too got angry with me and just walked off. 

And that's when I decided to apologize to her tomorrow. As it was valentines day I was going to finally tell her my feelings though she already knew and apologize for today's misbehavior. 

14th February 

And the very next day the moment I entered school I found Percy lying on the ground surrounded by blood all over her. 

And I am sure it wasn't suicide but it was a murder!

I wanted justice for my friend and my first love but I just wasn't able to do anything. I too was devasted and started living like a corpse. 

But then conclusively I rushed on the 3rd floor in the art room and that's where I saw Percy's portrait besides Darcy's portrait! 

And after that day I stopped going to school regularly. 

Suddenly one day I got the news that Mr. George resigned from our school. 

1 month later 

After Percy's death, I am still filled with grief and sorrow. Almost 1 month has been passed now ever since my first love died and I am still thinking about her death every day. 

The most guilty which still haunts me is that I wasn't able to let her know about my feelings for her until the very end.... And as I was thinking this I turned on the TV.

And I saw shocking news on tv. 

Mr. Gray George is arrested for murdering many school girls. He was a famous painter but had a severe Psychotic Disorder. He is a son of a shaman and was possessed by some evil entity. Whenever he draws a portrait of any random person that person tends to die after 5 minutes of completion. 

Finally, after 1 month, there was a smile of peace on my face when I heard this news. 

  "Not everyone in this world has a fate to cherish the fullest form of love, Some are born just to experience the abbreviation of it"

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