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Shruti Narkhede

Horror Thriller


Shruti Narkhede

Horror Thriller

Google Meet (Chapter 1)

Google Meet (Chapter 1)

13 mins

(Chapter 1)


(someone new has joined the meeting)


This Story is about four friends who organize a Ghostly Seance virtually on a meeting application named Google Meet during the pandemic lockdown. After which they start experiencing horrible and terrifying things in their life. 


(Diana, Grace, Emily, Anne) 

Diana is the host of the meeting. 

Grace, Emily, Anne are the participants in the meeting. 

Mr. Edd is the Cop who carried out the investigation.


(voice call) 

Diana :"Hello? Emily, you awake? Ahh sorry if I woke you up". 

Emily :"Hey Diana! Seriously didn't you sleep yet? It's almost midnight at 2am. What are you doing so late?"

Diana :"Oh actually I wasn't sleepy I don't know why but I am just bored like anything".

Emily :"Dude that's okay I wasn't sleeping anyway... I was watching the series! You know I mostly sleep during the daytime. This quarantine has messed up our schedule". 

Emily :"Yeah agreed! Hey, Grace and Anne, both are active".

Emily :"Well good then. Let's make a conference call anyways I have something interesting to tell you guys. Wait let's add Grace and Anne in the conference". 

Diana :"Voice or video?".

Emily :"Let's arrange a video conference on Google meets! What say?". 

Diana :"Okay done! Wait then I will host the meeting". 

(Diana hosted the meeting on Google meet and later Emily, Grace, and Anne joined the conference.) 

"Hey fellows! Good morning!", Emily yelled. 

Grace said, "Ah yeah good morning peeps! If my mom enters my room now she would just instantly kill me!", "Hey, Anne unmute your audio and on your video!" 

(Anne switches on her video) 

"Don't worry they won't unless and until you lock your door properly", Diana replied with a half-faced smile. 

Anne with a grinning face, "Precaution is better than cure"... that's how it is!".

"Haha yes agreed. Oh yes, by the way, I have something interesting to tell you guys", Emily brightened up her face and said. 

Grace asked "I am sure it is something related to Tony! Am I right Emily?". 

"Hell yes! We guys started dating recently", replied Emily with a wide smile. Further, she additionally said," But sometimes he still talks about Clara, it infuriates me".

Diana smirked and said, "Oh girl come on, take a chill pill!. By the way, I have something on my mind since it's midnight and we getting bored anyway!" 

"At this time? What? Ugh don't tell me you doing something satanic act now!", Anne replied sighing. 

Diana said, "Exactly!! Guys let's try online Séance? Trust me guys it would be a hell lot of fun!". 

"You kidding us? Online Séance? How is that even possible? Anyways but it kinda seems interesting", said Emily sneering. 

Grace said, "Okay I am in! But first, tell us how do we play online Séance virtually without an Ouija board?". 

I will tell you how exactly!. So it's like firstly we all must have lightened candles, an incense stick, a glass of water, and most important the picture of the one whom you want to summon or contact. 

"Woah Woah! Diana is totally excited about this virtual Séance!... Okay, I don't mind let's try. But I garauntee this ain't gonna work", Emily replied. 

Diana told emily, "Who cares whether it works or not! It's an interesting thing to try something thriller! Anyways it's a perfect time now. So who's ready for a virtual Séance?". 

Emily replied, "Okay so I will bring all the mandatory stuff required for Séance!".

"Hey instead of a candle... lighter would do? I am already kinda scared to get out of my bed!", Grace asked anxiously. 

" Idiot! Just go and bring one candle fast. Go fast!" Diana shouted. 

(Everyone gathered at 1:56 am in the meeting along with lightened candles, Crucifix, incense sticks, glass of water and respective pictures) 

Diana switched off lights from her room and said, "Okay guys now listen carefully everyone firstly switch off all the lights make complete darkness in the room, and just keep a lightened candle with you, and most important while we are in Séance keep a crucifix near you and hold it tightly. Secondly, close your eyes until you finally feel the presence of a spirit". 

Grace asked Diana, "But then how do we make contact with the particular spirit we want to?". 

"You have to question once you start feeling some presence and ask whether he/she is between us and if you get any answer in return then tell them to prove it by spilling water or anything else as some sign of their existence", Diana answered with a sincere face. 

Emily asked, "Okay so shall we start?". 

Diana replied, "Yeah let's start everyone close your eyes take crucifix in your hand and speak after me!"


("Hello our beloved spirit. We welcome you here in the world of living from the world of the dead".

"Are you here between us? If yes then please give us some sign to know your existence".) 

(They performed the Séance and questioned 3 to 5 times but nobody received any response from the following spirit and that's when Emily opened her eyes and spoke up.)

"Ahh, I told you guys right? This virtual Séance ain't gonna work. Anyways but was fun to try this though and also waste of time eventually!".

Diana replied Emily, "Yeah as I said at the start itself we are doing it for fun anyway not seriously!".

"Okay now leave it, I am sleepy now. Goodnight guys I am off to sleep. Talk to you tomorrow!", Grace yawned.

Anne said, "Yes even I am off to bed. Goodnight guys. Bye!". 

(They ended up their meeting. Everyone left the meeting even Diana was about to leave but that's when she saw a notification popping up saying someone new has joined the meeting for last 2 minutes. She ignored this notification and left the meeting as she too was in a very sleepy state. She felt it was delusion.. .but it wasn't a delusion it was reality!)

5th July 2020 

The next morning Diana woke up and she found herself in severe pain...She was unable to move without applying special efforts. Diana somehow managed and directly rushed inside the bathroom and just poured a bucket of cold water upon her. Eventually, after some moments, she noticed that she had 10 missed calls from Emily, Grace, and Anne (voice conference calls).

She instantly called them back and asked, "What happened guys? 10 missed calls?".

Grace asked Diana, "Ain't you feeling something weird today? I mean ever since you woke up?". 

Damn! How did you know? Yes, I am getting a burning sensation... I couldn't even sleep peacefully. It's like somebody has burnt me alive, it's really painful...and aching since today morning I have been pouring cold water on me for relief. Ugh!..but what's weirder you know? I can't see anything different on my body, can just feel the body ache... But why did you ask so? Do you even feel the same? 

Anne replied, "What? Burning sensation? And here I feel like I have been drowning for a long time for almost 2 months... My whole body is in the pale and socked state I feel. Also, I have a sensation of fungal infection on my body! It's really worse. She further additionally said," My body is aching badly but I am just feeling the ache and soaked body... but it's not visible". 

"Guys wait, it's really weird, right? I, Anne, and Grace are suffering from something weird but can't see exactly what's happening! It's like we feel the symptoms but can't see with our own eyes. I feel like somebody has beaten me to death with something really hard thing maybe let's say with hard rock or baseball bat! It's really sore and hurting". Emily further said, "Grace told she is feeling like she has multiple scratches on her body and feeling like her skin is peeled off vigorously as if with long sharp nails".

"Why do I feel this is somehow related to the Séance we performed yesterday night? Because I even had a terrible nightmare as if all this really happened in reality to me!", Grace replied with a scared look. 

Anne in agony said, "And if you scrutinize all of the sufferings we guys going through then you will realize one thing that our condition is somehow connected to each other in some or other way".

Diana defending herself, "Ah Whatever let's close this topic now. We guys ain't in the state anyway to sit and talk about this. I need to take rest now I will take my leave okay? Don't call me now because I will be heading to the hospital cause it's getting unbearable now. See you guys later!" 

"Yeah, girl! Let's hang-up call for now. I am too thinking to go and get some painkillers. Let's talk later. Bye!", Emily said anxiously. 

They consulted the doctor and bought some painkillers to relieve themselves from pain. But doctor's consultation was helpless because the doctors themselves seemed confused when they were told about these conditions. Their parents noticed everything and they wanted to help their respective kids from this invisible and unbearable pain but they too were just in a helpless state. All they could do was just comforting them.

It was the 5th of July today and 1 day has been already passed with this unbearable suffering or torture. It was 10 pm now. Diana randomly went in the bathroom washed her face with cold water and the moment she saw in the mirror she saw herself with the brutally burnt face she screamed and yelled badly but the very next moment she saw her old self again in the mirror looking perfectly fine as if she saw a terrifying burnt vision of her.... she was just speechless and helpless.

Her parents rushed to her room and asked why did she yell so loudly. She told her parents about the horrifying vision of her which she just saw some moments ago. But her parents ignored it as they saw her totally perfect...They started thinking that she is suffering from some mental illness. 

After seeing her vision she started feeling more pain and her state worsened....but this was not just the case happening with only Diana even Grace, Emily, and Anne saw their visions simultaneously and their pain got more severe than before. 

6th July 2020

In the morning Diana's parents entered her room to ask about her health and conclusively they found Diana dead in her room but they couldn't accept the fact. So they called an ambulance and Diana was taken to the hospital where the doctor conveyed that she's dead. After hearing these words her parents broke there.After which doctor said she came there for consultation a few days ago and that's when cops were called in the hospital. Cops arrived at the hospital and asked the doctor the reason for her death. The doctor was speechless and was unable to answer because he himself was unable to find the cause of her death. 

Mr. Edd was the cop who was in charge of this case. According to the Procurator, their bodies were been sent for carrying out the autopsy reports and to get further hints for their suspicious and mysterious death. Cops investigated their family and friends for sudden unexpected death which occurred without any sign of murder or suicide. Eventually, Mr. Edd got a call from his department and that's when he found out that 3 more girl's death took place...and so the department started scrutinizing about this case more intensely. 

The more they investigated, the more this case got complex; but they were clear about one thing and that is these four deaths were interlinked with each other and definitely had some connections, and that's because Diana, Grace, Emily, and Anne died on the same day on the same time that is on 6th July, 2 am-midnight! 

Finally, the autopsy reports were out. Mr. Edd found out that all of these 4 deaths have no hint of murder or suicide...and on the contrary, he got clear that their deaths are definitely interlinked with each other because from their call records he found out they contacted each other last time...! Mr. Edd without wasting any time headed towards Diana's house. 

Mr. Edd asked Diana's parents, "What do you think about her death? Do you think it was a planned murder? 

Diana's parents replied in agony," Diana was acting bit weird since the last some days. We don't exactly know what was bothering her but one thing she was constantly saying that's its hurting and painful. When we asked her about what pain she's actually talking about she just replied saying somebody is burning me alive. And she would say this until we pour a bucket of cold water upon her, but the more weird thing was that she seemed perfectly fine when we looked at her from outside! She even took painkillers which the doctor recommended her few days ago. That's all we know about her lastly".

"Okay! Anything else she spoke about before she went to bed on 5th July?", Mr. Edd asked. 

"No nothing specific but yeah before sleeping she acted too much strange. She yelled inside the bathroom while pointing towards the mirror and started speaking strange things. She seemed too much scared that day". 

Mr. Edd asked, "Speaking strange? In what context you mean? Can you please specify all the details about Diana? ". 

Diana's parents replied Mr. Edd saying, "She said she saw her own vision in the mirror which showed herself fully burnt all over her body, But what was more strange was that she seemed fine without an inch of a burnt part of her skin So we ignored her thinking she was mentally ill or stressed over some college issues since some days". 

Mr. Edd Inquired Diana's parents for about an hour and on the contrary eventually Grace's parents, Emily's parents, and Anne's parents were questioned.

Mr. Edd started an investigation in their houses but yet he was unable to find anything related to this case. 

Days were passing. The investigation department was helpless without any clue or hints to the case so they thought of burying this case. This was Mr. Edd's first case which was so complex but somewhere he thought definitely something paranormal stuff was included in this case. So he took a decision to give the last try before burying this case. 

He called a renowned Priest and asked him for help in this case. Along with the Priest, Mr. Edd went to Diana's house. As soon as they entered Diana's room the Priest felt the presence of some spirit and he told Mr. Edd and Diana's parents that there's a very strong powerful evil entity filled with a lot of grudges and negative power and it's a spirit of a girl. He carried out some of his rituals to contact and ask the spirit and after some moments he turned towards Mr. Edd and Diana's parents and told them that the spirit was been called by a séance which took place in this room and they left the séance without giving a proper goodbye so now the spirit has no plans to return to the world of dead. And already it's an evil spirit full of grudges it won't be easy to send it again to the place where it belongs. 

Mr. Edd said the Priest to ask whether the spirit killed all the four girls-... While Mr. Edd was speaking with the Priest... The Priest suddenly was brutally attacked by the spirit and at that instant itself, the Priest died. 

Diana's parents rushed outside the room and ran away from their house but Mr. Edd didn't move and asked the spirit holding a crucifix in his hand that what was her name and why did she kill them. 

"You don't remember me, brother? I am your sweet little sister Clara and I have return here to take my revenge. Hahahaha! I will kill everyone who will become an obstacle to my revenge. So you better get out of my sight now!", the spirit answered with a devil laugh and vanished.

After listening to the spirit Mr. Edd instantly collapsed down. Later Diana's parents called cops and they took Mr. Edd to the hospital where he was hospitalized for 2 days. After 2 days the doctor said that Mr. Edd is in Coma! 

Diana's parents changed their house and they shifted to a different place and continued living their lives. The case was been buried as Mr. Edd was in a coma and nobody showed willingness for this case. 

This mystery, horror, revenge, thriller, death does not end here! 

There are still many questions left that are unanswered! Such as... 

If Clara's revenge was to kill the four girls she already succeeded then why ain't she returning to the place where she belongs? 

Why and for what reason she longed for this revenge? Why did she kill all the four girls? What's her story? 

Why did she call herself Mr. Edd's sister? 

What is her true intention now? Who's going to be killed or who is her next revenge target? 

What's her real identity and connection with Mr. Edd? 

And the most important question is! 

What is the mystery behind the 4 deaths? 

The answers would be revealed in (Chapter 2)

Coming next! 

 To be continued...


Author's note:

Hey guys I hope you enjoyed reading this short story. I am sorry for my poor vocabulary and writing skills as I am a newbie in writing novels and English is not my first language.

I sincerely thank you for reading and giving your valuable time here. 

I mostly love writing fantasy, horror, short story genre if you liked this one.. feel free to read my other novels as well.

Thank you so much once again :)

Happy Reading ^_^

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