Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind

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"I had a relationship of seven years. We spent four years in college and after that, we started working together in the same office. There our relationship longed for three other years.

My father always wanted me to pursue higher studies after completion of my graduation. He was against my relationship as he thought it can cause harm in my studies. My boyfriend was from a lower middle class family. He had a rudimentary personality. My father wanted me to do my higher studies first and then to think about marriage and all. So I thought in order to convince my dad for our marriage, I must fulfill his dream. As I was determined to do well in my studies, I decided to do it with all my dedication. For this reason, I resigned from my job.

I told my boyfriend to talk to his parents, this time finally in a proper way. He too agreed. Because my Maa talked to him earlier, regarding the future of our relationship. One day, I asked him

"What is the future of our relationship? Would it be a happy marriage ever?"

That day, he only smiled and kept his hand on mine. Holding my hand, he said,

"I promise you, ours will be a fairytale, definitely. I will talk to my parents today. They will understand everything, I am telling you. Trust me."

Trust! That very wrong thing I did! Not only on that day but also for past years.

As soon as he reached home, I don't know if he had a word with his parents or totally ignored everything, he said to me that his parents are not agreeing for our marriage, as they have already fixed his marriage with a girl from their community. I was so hurt to hear this that I couldn't reply to him a single word. I lost my power of thinking, my voice was choked.

I cut the call and slowly came to my Dad. He was reading the newspaper sitting on the sofa. Seeing my face, he realized something wrong had happened to me. When he asked me,

"Beta, kya huya? Is everything okay?"

I just burst into tears. I couldn't stop myself from crying. I told him everything. Meanwhile, hearing my cry, my Maa also came there. I told them everything that the boy said to me. Making me surprised, my Dad assured me to talk to his father. But when my father had a talk to his father over the phone, he said that they were not aware of anything. Their son had nothing informed them anytime.

Meanwhile, I inquired from his social media. What I came to know was so shocking for me!! At present, he is dating another colleague of our office, and not only that he was dating different girls right under my nose since these years without my knowledge. When I asked him about everything, he agreed to all these bluffs and started seeking an apology from me. One day, he raised his hand over me as I forced him for court marriage. This time, I was at the end of my tolerance and burst out of rage, I also slapped him back.

But one thing was happening positive with my life. This incident of my life taught me to have faith in parents, and I am blessed to have such a family who supported me like anything. Our bond with each other became stronger than ever. We trusted each other more than ever. My parents became my best friends, too.

My father along with me, went to Police Station and filed an FIR against him, as in these eight years of this meaningless relationship, he had taken a vast amount of money from me, as he was financially not sound. I trusted him blindly. Sometimes, he requested me to give him my accessories like a silver chain, mobile phones etc. He was called there and eventually he accepted all these things. He paid and returned everything and was also slapped by me and the Police Inspector.

That's it. According to him, it's not called cheating as we never had intercourse and hugs and kisses are obvious in any relationship.

But I am really thankful to God and my parents as they supported me through the whole process. I fell in love with him truly. Love is blind, and I trusted him blindly. I want to say you all, love is a pure feelings of the heart. It's a devotion of the soul. Don't trust anyone so blindly that the person can play with your emotions.

Now, I am happily achieving my dreams and enjoying life to its fullest. Whatever happened in your past, just leave it behind. Because someone is definitely there, for you, to hold your hand in this beautiful journey of life. True love is not blind, it teaches you the real meaning of life. Have faith in yourself, and be happy forever."

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