Addicted To Love

Addicted To Love

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Sara is going to a metro city for her Engineering course. She is born and brought up in a small town. She comes to the college, and the seniors told her to dance. She danced so well, but they made it laugh for all. She escaped the place. As the days passed, she got interacted with Rehan, the topper of her department. She lives in a mess with some other roommates who are students of her college. Eventually, Rehan falls in love with Sara. He confesses his love for her.

But the day he confessed it, Sara becomes embarrassed and starts avoiding him. Rehan never fell in love with any girl before. He also had a concept that love is for the idiots, who have time to pass it lazily and money to waste. He has nothing, no time, no money. He lost his father in his early childhood, and he is brought up by his mother single-handedly.

So, he knows the value of hardships and struggles. He wants to be a skilled engineer, and join a company so that he can help in the household. But, his every thought broke into pieces when he met Sara for the first time. You know, in your life, you will meet someone someday who has the power to change your life forever. It was Sara for Rehan. There was something in her eyes, they were so appealing. Her eyes speak a lot, they have the power to fall anyone in love with the girl.

That girl, the girl with eyes like deers..mesmerizing..can make anyone drive deep in her eyes, let lost in her own dreams..Sara has a smile like an innocent child. Actually, Rehan was so surprised to see such an insane girl in their college. How a girl can be so innocent like a child in today’s world??

Rehan became a very good friend of Sara, although she was sincere with her senior. But sometimes, Sara revealed her own dreams, own thoughts to him. Whenever she opened her heart to Rehan, he fell more and more in love with her. But Rehan was reluctant at first to confess his love for her. He thought that it must be a kind of stupid infatuation and nothing else.

It was Sara, a mad girl. She loves to read Rumi, and dance into the wildness of love. She never fell in love with someone before, because she thinks that true love is a next to impossible thing for anyone in today’s world. She waits for the words to be true one day, she will find her true love one day for sure.

That was a perfect beginning of a routine love story, isn’t it? But, from now, this story will take some u-turns. See them.

So, that was a time when Rehan was falling in love with Sara, but he was reluctant to confess his feelings. And Sara was also having a feeling for Rehan, but she was not believing in her feelings because she was finding her true love, waiting for that.

Meanwhile, fresher’s welcome party has come. Sara is going to dance in this program. She danced on the song O re Piya, wearing a white dress while the stage was covered by blue light and white smoke. Rehan was watching the dance performance from a corner, and he realized that he is actually in love with Sara. And Sara was dancing madly in love..but whose love it was she was dancing into?? She realized, she has fallen in love with Rehan.

She stops dancing. The hall bursts in claps. Everyone was giving her a standing ovation. Rehan approached to her, and confess his love for her in front of everyone. Sara leaves the stage without saying a single word. It hurt Rehan a lot.

After that day, Sara starts avoiding Rehan. Every time, everywhere. But on that day, another story was also started. Of which, Sara and Rehan both were unaware. And that turned their lives into a true love story. This story is a story of seeking, Sara seeking true love.

After passing from the college, Rehan joined an MNC. But after some months, he became lost. Sara came to know this. She was upset. She starts finding Rehan.

After a lot of intense research on the incidents that happened to Rehan in college and his office, Sara came to know that he was addicted to drugs!! How a boy like Rehan can be addicted to drugs!! He was so disciplined, obedient..what happened to him??

But then, Sara became aware of the fact of her life. Rehan could take the road to destruction, but it was love, what made him not to take the road. He went to the way of being recovered from the addiction. He wanted to return to the light. And he did.

The present-day is the convocation day of Sara’s batch. Sara has invited Rehan because she has recovered Rehan completely from the addiction. It was their true love, that won ultimately.

Sara danced in the song, Teri deewani..and at the end, she comes to Rehan, and bring him to the stage. She told him that nothing happened, their fate was examining their persistence of love. And they proved it. Now, everything is okay…

“Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there…”

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