Pihu's Drawing Book

Pihu's Drawing Book

3 mins

A rainy day morning. Pihu starts the day…with a lazy mood. She comes to the balcony. The sky is covered with dark clouds. Pihu seats on the table with a cup of coffee. She stretches her hand in the rain and feels it. With every sip of the coffee, she starts watching the cloudy sky. Pihu loves nature…the sky, the forests, and…the rivers. On her childhood days, she spent hours after hours beside the small riverbank of her village. 

Pihu becomes lost recollecting her childhood memories…

The river, Varidhi, was one of her best friends. And the other one was..her elder brother, her dada Piyash. Pihu was the only companion of him. Everyone in their village hated Piyush. He had some problems with speech. That’s why he was left alone. Even their father always scolded him. But mom loved him so much. Her love was the best support for Piyash.

Piyash was a happy-go-lucky boy. The only thing he knew was to toil here and there for the whole day. River Vaasini was his most favourite place too. He loved to find new friends for him..through the river bank. And the only person who was eager to know about his newest of friends was, his sister Pihu. 

What was most interesting for this brother-sister duo….was the naming of the new river side friends. It was a common thing for Piyash..he spent the whole day alongside the river Vaasini..found new friends..and came home in the afternoon. Because he knew it was the time when Pihu came back home from her school. It was the same for Pihu. She eagerly finished her day in school and came back home soon. After reaching home, Pihu saw Piyash is waiting at the entrance. On seeing his best friend, Piyash rushed to Pihu..and started telling what he did, what he found..whom he met on that day..alongside Vaasini. 

His charming smile always made Pihu smile also in her pain. Yes, she was going through the pain…her father scholded her for not scoring good enough in the class test. Pihu had a tiny gang of friends in her village..Pihu, Piyash, river Vaasini..and her drawing book. 

Yes, Pihu loved to sketch and draw..whatever she saw, she interacted..but, one day, for her drawing book…she became the reason behind the severe scholding of her father to her dada Piyash..she drew the scene of conversing Piyash and the stranger man of their village. 

He told them about the wild animals and the zoo in the big city. He promised Piyash to show him Tiger in the zoo...and as a result, she lost her dada.....forever…

Pihu is a big girl today. She started hating her drawing book since she lost her dada Piyash. She started studying hard. She came to this metro city for further study. Now, she is a journalist in a reputed English daily. Her parents live with her. They are very happy with her job. But, for Pihu, she chose this job…for finding her dada, Piyash…

She knows…she will find him one day, for sure…

Once she meets Piyash..she will ask him, if the city is bigger or his love for his sister Pihu..she will bring back Piyash to their life..and their family will reunite once again…this time, forever…

One thing Pihu doesn’t know….someone is also waiting for Piyash…it’s river Vaasini.


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