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Anokhi decides to spend her Holi this year in Vrindavan, Krishna’s own place. So she comes here on the day of Holi. She starts enjoying the festive mood along with the Vrindavanvasis. All of them are singing and dancing with the charm of Holi, the festival of colours. They are performing Kirtan songs. Anokhi, being overwhelmed by this charm, joins them. She starts dancing too. Everyone is playing with colours. Suddenly, she feels like, someone is pulling her back. When she turns back, she saw, it’s a sweet little girl. Anokhi asks,” Hey, what are you doing? Do you want to say something?”

The girl smiles and said yes, nodding her head. She drags Anokhi to a lane of inside the town. It was A lonely lane, nobody was there on the road. It was furious to Anokhi. But she lost her thinking power as if someone hypnotised her completely. She was being attracted by something mystically beautiful. The girl brought her into beneath a banyan tree. There was a shabby temple. Anokhi enters inside of the temple. There was a Krishna idol of black marble stone. Anokhi sees the idol and something sticks her eyes on the idol. She feels it wants to tell her something, but she can’t get it. She comes out of the hangover when she feels the girl is calling her, flapping her long skirt. She turns to her. The girl brings her out of the temple and goes behind it.

Anokhi sees around. There was nothing but bushes and trees. It was a forest there. The girl points to a corner of the jungle. Anokhi goes there and searches for something. Surprisingly, she founds a pair of nupur there. She brings them to the girl. The girl smiles again and points her to wear them into her feet. Anokhi does so. As soon as she fits them, she feels an inner rhythm. She comes in the front of the temple, sees the Krishna idol once again, and starts dancing. She was feeling like a professional dancer as if she is dancing for Krishna since so many years. She started dancing madly. It was her devotion, her longing and searching for Krishna.

She can see something in front of her eyes. A girl is worshipping Krishna, with flowers, colours and tears. After a while, she starts dancing, dancing for Krishna. Suddenly, some people dragged her out of the temple and told her to stop dancing. They poured all the colours into her body. But she did not stop dancing. The colours with the rhythm made her heavenly beautiful. After a while, her nupur broke down and the beads were spread over the temple ground. She continues dancing.

Suddenly, she fell down. The girl vanished. The tune of the flute was stopped. Anokhi fells down too. Suddenly she remembers that little girl is no more there. She turns around, but she can’t find her. She opens her nupur and put them beside the Krishna idol. There were some plates of colours too. Anokhi places the red colour into Krishna’s face and the nupur. She did a rangoli in front of the idol. Then starts worshipping that idol. Meanwhile, she sees the girl is dancing with the nupur. She was shedding tears. After a while, she ends her devotion and comes out of the temple. She returns to the town. Now she knows, her name was, Raai.

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