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Children Stories Drama


Swarnali Nath

Children Stories Drama

A Gift For Santa

A Gift For Santa

4 mins

Tick tick tick….the clock is running fast. Within an hour, it will tick twelve..25th December!! Christmassssss!!!! No, Mr. Bannerjee has no time to be slow. “Walk fast man..”, said himself, Mr. Banerjee.

“Just run! They’re waiting!” He reaches his place on time. “Ohhh, thank god!! I reached finally..”, he says.

-“Hahhh…Mr. Banerjee..you should be thankful for your fitness, too. It has helped you to reach here..Tell me one thing, where is your powerhouse, sir??”, Mr. Das enters into the room. He is smiling at this old man, who had just rushed to this place as if he was going to catch the train!! Mr. Das says,

-“Calm down Mr. Banerjee..what to hurry?? You are not going to miss the train, Sir!”, he starts laughing.

-“Yes, I’ve missed my train…you know it well, Das!! That’s why I was running fast..I don’t want to miss this train, once more..” Mr. Banerjee replies. “I’ll be on time here, always.” He smiles.

“Okay, enough Das..now it’s time to celebrate!! Just cheer up, and help me to get prepared. Help me, help me..”

Mr. Banerjee starts wearing the Santa Claus dress…he put the robes and all..At last, he wears the Santa cap on his head. He goes to the mirror..to to see how he looks in this..

“Ohhhh!! Brilliant!! Incredible!! See Das, I’m looking like the Santaclaus!! Perfect!!”

-“Yes!! You are true, sir..you are looking like the age-old saint Nicolas..our very very special, Santaclaus!! absolutely, sir!!

Mr. Banerjee smiles. They go to the garden.

This is an orphanage, “Ashray”. It is founded by Mr. Banerjee, a retired Physics professor. It was his childhood dream, to open a shelter home for the orphan children and the underprivileged children. So, he opened Ashray. He believes, his heaven is here. With the smiles and laughter embracing him all the moments he spends here, he smells the fragrance of pure love and innocence, of these homeless children. He appointed Mr. Das to help him. They run this shelter home together.

When his only son left India to settle in abroad, he requested him to stay here, and find another job. But, he was severely attracted by the lavish lifestyle there. So, he decided to leave India, and settle in the abroad..forever.


Tick..tick..tick..the clock ticks twelve, finally…

“Merry Christmasssss!! Merry Christmasssss!!”

Mr. Banerjee blows the candles on the huge five floored christmas cake..all the children starts clapping. He distributed the cake pieces among them. Then, he told them to stand in a queue. Everybody did. He calls every child one by one, by their names. He has a bag full of wrapped gifts, chocolates and christmas cards.

When the last boy of the queue is taking his gifts, someone called Mr. Banerjee,

“Where is my gifts, Dadubhai??”

Mr. Banerjee turns behind. There is waiting for a li’l cute boy..with glittering eyes and a broad smile..

“Ayush!! A..a..Ayush, my boy!!!!”

The boy runs to him and hugs him. He greets, “Merry Christmas, Dadubhai!!”

Mr. Banerjee bursts into tears of joy..He wishes him back, “Merry Christmas, Merry christmas, my child!!”

Mr. Das comes in the garden with a man and a lady. The man goes to Mr. Banerjee.

“ Dad, Merry Christmas! “

-“Merry Christmas,       .”

-“How are you, dad??”

-“I am….fine....but, what are you doing here?? You told me you are not coming back to India, ever..then?? What happened, anything serious?? “

-“Yes dad..serious. Very serious, dad..”, he replies.

Mr. Banerjee becomes worried. He asks,

“But, suddenly what happened?"                 “

-“Actually, we’re back, dad..we’ve planned to spend our rest of life here, in India..”

-”What??”, Mr. Banerjee can’t believe what he heard. He asks  again,

“You are back?? You’ll be here, forever??”

Ayush was watching their conversation until now, silently. Now he holds his dadubhai’s hand, and tells him,

“Yes, dadubhai..We’ll stay here, always..forever..I was missing you badly there. I wanted to live with you, here..in India..”, Ayush smiles.

 -“Yes dad..tonight we’re here..only for Ayush..actually, he wrote a letter to santa..you know dad, what he wished for?? He wished, you!!”

Mr. Banerjee becomes surprised. He really can’t believe what is going on here. He goes to the bag of gifts, and brings the last gift box from there. He comes to Ayush.

“Child, you told me you’d love to play with the children here ..See, I’ve bought it for you..”

He gives the wrapped gift box to Ayush..he opens the box and becomes very glad to see the toy car. Without waiting a moment, he starts playing with the car.             .

All the children of Ashray join him to the play.

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