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Gurleen Kaur

Romance Others


Gurleen Kaur

Romance Others

Love at First Coffee

Love at First Coffee

8 mins 196 8 mins 196

Dad please, I don't want to meet anyone with the prospect  of marriage. I don't want to get married this early.” 

“Meera, you have to go on this blind date. He will wait for you at the cafe. ”

“Fine, I will go to meet him but I am not going to say yes to marry him.”

“Meera, will you go and meet him first ?”

“What is his name ?”

“Agam. He is a nice boy.”

“Thank you, Dad.”

Meera was not excited to meet Agam. Why do I  agree to meet him ? She thought while trying to sleep. She always wanted to be in Love and to have a love  marriage. 

On the other hand, Agam was really very excited to meet her. He had a heartbreak a few years ago. After that, he decided that he will marry where his parents want him to. The next morning, she got ready to go to the cafe. 

All the best, Meera. 

Thank you, Dad. 

As she reached the cafe, she tried to find him but no one inside the cafe was sitting alone. 

She sat down on the chair and  waited for him to come. After 15 minutes, Agam reached there and saw her sitting alone. He went to her. 

Hello, I am Agam. 

Hello, I am Meera.  

Nice to meet you, Meera. 

Please have a seat. 

Thank you. 

He sat in front of her. 

Let's order something first. 


What would you like to have ? 

Ginger Tea. 

He called the waiter and placed the order. 

So Meera, are you excited to be here for this blind date ? He asked in excitement. 

I am a little nervous. 

I can understand that. 

“Your girlfriend doesn't have any problem with this thing that you are here with me.”

“I don't have any girlfriend. I had a relationship but she left me. So, after that I decided that I will marry where my parents want.” He said calmly. 

That's perfect. She said with a smile.  

What are your hobbies ?

Painting and blogging. I want to be a blogger. She answered. 

“It's nice that you have an ambition in your life. Do you expect anything from me ?”  

“I don't understand.” She said in confusion. 

“I mean every girl has expectations from her life partner. So, do you have such expectations ?”

“My only expectation is that you always have to trust me."

I will always respect you, trust you and support you. He said with a smile. 

“Agam, I want to clear one thing.  I was not ready to come here to meet. I came here for my Dad but now,  I don't know about your decision but I am going to say yes. I have made up mind that 

I will marry you." She said with a serious look on her face. 

“You are going to say yes.Are you ready to spend your life with me ? What made you change your decision ?” Agam asked in surprise.

“Yes, Agam. I also want to get married where my dad wants me and if my dad wants me to marry you, I will marry you because you said that you are going to support me.”

“It means that you trust me.   I will break your trust Meera.”

“I also promise the same. I will never break your trust.”

Meera was feeling happy. She was enjoying his company. 

You don't have any boyfriend. 

No, I wanted to have a boyfriend as it's hard to find true love these days. 

“That's really nice that you have saved all your love  for just one special person. By the way, why were you not ready to come?"

“I didn't want to get married too early." She said with a worried look.  

*I understand this. You don't want to leave your family. You think it is too early for you to get married . You want to spend more time with your family and you also want to focus on your career." 

“Yes, I don't want to leave my family. I am not worried about my career. If you will support me  and help me, I will grow my career.”

“I promise that I will always support you and help you.”

“Agam but the problem is I can't adjust with someone easily. ”

Agam placed his hand on her hand and said “Don't worry. My parents will love you like their own daughter. They were also very excited that I am coming here to meet you.”

“Wow, you are meeting me for the first time but you make me feel that you know me more than my best friends.” 

Meera, I like you and I know by the time we will love  each other.

I also like you. I love the way you care about my feelings and the way you made me feel comfortable.  

So, is it yes ? 

Yes, let's go now. We have to tell our parents about our decisions. 

Sure, I hope we will meet Soon. 

I hope that will be the day of our engagement. 

I like your confidence. 

Thank you. Meera, can I take a Selfie with you ? 


Agam dropped her home. She stepped out of his car and was about to turn to go inside, when Agam called her back. She thought that she had forgotten  something.

Did I forget anything? 

“Yes, you forgot your beautiful heart.” He said and She smiled at his words. 

Are you flirting with me? 

“There is nothing wrong in flirting with your future wife.” He said. 

Is there anything else? 

Can I have your phone number, Meera?

Sure, give me your phone. 

Agam gave her his phone and she typed her number. 

Thank you. 

Bye, Agam.

She was really very happy. She went to the kitchen to have some water. She poured the water into the glass and sat on the dining table chair. Her father came to the kitchen and smiled at her. 

Did you like him ? 

Yes, he is really nice. 

Suddenly, she saw someone's photograph on the dining table and held it in her hand. 

Who is in this photograph dad? She asked in confusion.

Are you kidding me, Meera You have met him today and  now, you are asking me about him. 

Dad, this is not Agam. 

Then, Who did you meet today ?

He doesn't look like this person in the  photograph but his name was also Agam. I knew that this blind date was a mistake. Meera said in an angry tone.

At Agam's home, he was showing his selfie with Veera to his mom. 

Are we looking good together?

Who is she, Agam? 

Mom, you don't know her. You asked me to go on this blind date with her. 

She is not that girl whom I selected for you.


Yes, Who is she ? 

I think I got confused with the name. I should call her. He dialed her number. After a few rings, she answered. 

Hello, Meera. 

Hello, Agam. I want to ask you something.

I know,  Meera. I think there is a lot of confusion.  

You were expecting Someone else right and her name was also Meera. 

Yes and only, you were sitting alone there. 

So, I thought you are the girl whom my mom has selected for me. 

So, What to do now? 

Let's meet each other again with families. 

We will sort this out. 

Yes because I have  decided that I am going to marry you. 

See you soon, Meera. 

After a few days, Agam came to Meera's home with his mother. 

She had agreed to meet her  because of Agam. 

When his mother saw Meera, she was not happy. 

The girl I have selected for you was more beautiful. Her mom said in disappointment.

Mom, beauty is nothing.  She is really very nice. 

Hello, Aunty. She said and touched his mother's feet. 

God bless You. Do you like my Son ? 


I am just here because Agam wanted me to meet you  and your family. 

I know. I really want to be with Agam for my whole life. 

How can I trust you that you will take care of my son ? 

I promise you. 

I want to talk to your dad.

Sure, Aunty. 

Alone. Why don't you show your home to Agam ? 

They both step out of the room.

I have thought that next time, I will meet you at our engagement. 

I have also thought the same but we both didn't know that something like this will happen or everything will turn like this. 

I hope everything will be fine.  

What a coincidence? The person whom we were actually going to meet didn't come there and with the confusion between the names, we met each other.

Everything happens for good. 

After discussing,  their parents asked them to come inside. They both were nervous but were ready to hear the decision. 

Meera, we have decided that if you really love my son, you have to come and stay with us for three months. I will get to know you and I will see if you can take care of my son or not. Your dad also agreed with this decision. 

Dad, how can you agree to a  condition like this ? I can't live at someone else's home before marriage. 

“Meera, It's just a test of your love. If you really love Agam and want to marry him, You have to go. Every Love has to pass a test to prove itself.” Her dad explained calmly.

“Mom, I love her and I have promised her that I will respect her.” Agam said. 

If she really loves you. She had to do this.

“Agam, I will live with you for three months. We will pass this test.” Meera said while holding his hand. 

Veera, you don't have to do this. I know that you are not comfortable with this decision but I can't understand, why are you ready to do this ? 

I will do it for our love. That love which happened at our first coffee together. 

She has to do this, Agam. 

Mom please. 

Start the preparations, Meera. You have to go with us. 

I have to pack my bag, only. Why do I need preparations for this ? 

You are going to live with us for a lifetime. 

What are you trying to say mom ? Right now,  you were saying that she will live with us for three months and now, you are saying for a lifetime. Agam asked in anger.

I will take her with me as my daughter - in - law. 

They both were surprised. 

Aunty, are you serious about this ? 

You easily got ready to come and stay with us without caring about anything else. It shows that you really love Agam. If you don't love him, you have never agreed. Your love has passed this test. 

Thank you, mom. 

Meera touched his mother's feet  and he touched the feet of Meera's father. 

She hugged Agam. After a few days, they both got married and started living a life full of  love and happiness. Now, they truly believe in love and they believe that the person who is meant  to be with you, God will make you meet that person one day. 

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