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Gurleen Kaur

Drama Romance Others


Gurleen Kaur

Drama Romance Others

Only For Our Love

Only For Our Love

4 mins

Now you have to go away from me for your graduation and your dream of joining Indian Navy.

No, I will pursue my graduation here. 

Ehan please, Uncle told me that you will get a better college there and you also have to focus on your physical training. You will not be able to do it here because you pay most of your attention to me. 

“Avni, are you saying that you are my weakness?” Ehan asked. 

I am not saying that but your career is important for both of us and for our love. 

I know Avni but trust me. Everything will be fine. 

Avni hugs him tightly and says “ I trust you." 

Mom and dad are coming. You have to stay to meet them. 

“Okay, I will inform dad that I will stay with you for some more days.” Avni said and smiled. 

After two days, his parents came with his maternal aunt. 

Ehan, I missed you so much. 

I missed you too mom. 

Avni came out of the room and greeted his parents. His parents were happy to see her but his aunt was shocked to see her there. 

“Avni, meet my sister and Ehan's Aunt." His mother said while introducing them. 

Hello Aunty. 

Hello, Do you live here with Ehan ? 

No Aunty. I came here only for a few days. 

Do your parents know you are here ? 

Yes, They know. 

Before his Aunt could ask any other question from Avni, he said “Avni, please make some tea for everyone. " 

Okay. She said and went to the kitchen.

What is this sister ? He is having a girlfriend.  

“What's wrong with this Aunty ?" Ehan asked. 

Have you forgotten what happened to your brother? 

I love her. 

He was also in love but later he destroyed his career just because of a girl. 

I will bring you lots of beautiful girls but focus on your career. 

Aunty, I can't live without her. 

Ehan, wait …..

Avni came out of the kitchen. 

Avni, I will not leave you. 

Ehan, I don't want anyone to say that I destroyed your career. As we were discussing on that day, please go back with Uncle. 

Avni, but ….

Shhhhh … Avni puts a finger on his lips and continues saying “ It's just a few years. I trust you that you will graduate with a higher score and I will wait for you to come back as a Navy Officer. I will also study hard and focus towards my ambitions. It's only for our love. "

Are you sure, Avni ? 

We will see each other daily on video call. Just remember that I will be waiting for you and uncle, I will marry him when he comes back. 

Soon, Ehan went with his parents. Avni also got busy with her Studies. They both started working hard. After a few years, Ehan becomes a Navy Officer and Avni also makes it big in her career. 

“Avni, I am coming back. Finally, your wait is over.” He said to himself and smiled. 

He reached her home with his parents and went inside. 

Avni, I am back. 

Her father came out of the room and said “Ehan, Avni is in hospital. She had an accident. " 

“Is she fine now ?" Ehan was shocked after hearing this. 

Yes, She is totally fine. She kept on saying that she has to live for your love. She is still waiting for you to come and meet her. Let's go and meet her.

Yes, Uncle. 

Ehan went to the hospital with her father and his parents. He entered her room and saw her sleeping. He touched her cheek. Avni slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. Her lips curled in a smile after seeing him. 

Ehan, you came back. 

I am here, Avni. How are you, now ? 

“Doctors said that I will not be fine but I am fine now. I had to be fine for our love.” Avni said in her weak voice. 

Ehan kissed her forehead and said “ Our love won Avni. ” 

Ofcourse, it had to win. Afterall, we have gone through long distance only for our love.

After one month …

Today I promise you to always be there. We will always stay together. Doesn't matter how many difficulties we have to face, we will always hold each other only for our love. 

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