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Rupam Kar



Rupam Kar


Letter To My Unconfessed Love

Letter To My Unconfessed Love

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My Unconfessed Love,

I know you are too good a friend could be and I would do everything possible to save what we have. But, it do hurts me sometime not having you as the way I want you to be.

Let me start right from the beginning. I wouldn’t lie about you, everything started with our first meeting on the stair case and by now, it’s on fire. You were with your other friends looking for some training room in our office building. Looking at you on the first sight, my heart sang with the words,”Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga...” Your glittering black eyes and wide smile with your long hairs flying round your shoulder was an awesome look. The glimpse of your first look still lures me at times.

I had always been attracted towards you and it did bother me right from the first day. Soon after our training hours was over, I joined the learning center for one or two hours. It was good to find you there too. I learned that you too have the same interests on reading novels as I do. I tried to have few conversations with you but failed in most of times.

Gradually with bits of Hi shaking and smiles, we started talking to each other. You needed some suggestions on some topics and I was happy to help you on that. Sooner we were a sort of good friends and I was loving to be part of it.

You are very different from other girls. The way you put your arguments, the way you talk to people is very simple and clear. I began liking your selfishness nature and your caring attitude towards me. I liked your helping hands on almost every events on last two years.

Our friendship became stronger when we started leaving office at the same time and walked together down the streets towards our home. We started talking about our private lifestyles, our future perceptive and about daily social challenges. I really liked your views and ideas. But sometimes, I did get loose in my world while listening to your beautiful voice. I am lost by looking at your charming face, by watching at your sizzling eyes and sometimes at your sarcastic smiles.

I remember that rainy evening when we moved out of the office together and we waited under the same umbrella for the bus to come. I was just moved by your physical affection that you show to me.

Many a times while listening to your alluring voices, my mind stopped responding to your words as if I am lost on an abandoned sea of your love.

Sometimes I think, that you do understand that I am falling in for your love and you do not need an attachment. So, you just take my words casually in some other sense. Though we had never talked of any relationship between us, but my heart is too fond of your love.

I remember that weekend afternoon when you visited my place. With the hot coffee mugs on our hand, sitting by the balcony we witnessed the chirping birds loving each other. The drizzling evening rain kept you waiting long at my apartment. That evening with rain-scented air couldn’t had been better without your lovely guitar beats.

The sunset, hot coffee and all of me on the record and you humming to the beats of your favorite songs, I could have the best of a wonderful night for you and still would not have fallen short of words to describe your love.

Maybe, I might not be the one you would miss any of your action, but I am sure to get sigh each time, my ear drums receives your name. Whenever you pass by, my lungs is filled by the scented air of your body fragrance. I can feel your presence by your footsteps. When we do confront we would smile at each other and this forbids my eyes even from blinking.

Sometimes, you didn’t reply to my messages or waited me long. I might be thinking that you have started ignoring me or you do have some other interests. Now that I don’t text you much but, at times, I really miss you a lot.

I think it’s your brave decision to the way you deal with my one sided love (assuming). I appreciate the way you handle my emotions assuming that you know I do have an attachment towards you. You are still very cute and the same girl my heart fell in love for.

Nowadays, it’s quite difficult for me to make an eye contact with you as it does burns my love for you restlessly. It does take heavy sacrifices to forget you or think lesser of you. Maybe, that is how my love was destined.

Yes, it’s true that I haven’t lost you completely and I am still dealing to live with my one sided love. Whenever we talk now, you might feel that I am that same happy chilling guy but from inside I am a total wreck, consuming myself in your love.

Maybe we wouldn’t be together long but I would be the sure of tricking my heart into being happy for what we have. It’s really strange to love someone and never confess but I am condensed because I see you happy for what we are altogether.


Someone want you to be his.

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