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Leaves have feelings

Leaves have feelings

2 mins

Shyle was busy writing in her diary. She had an exciting story to write.

Dear Diary,

Today 🤣🤣🤣 I...hahaha.

Ok Ok... let me calm down first.😮😮😮

Okay good. So today I was going to the Fair and me and my mom had some icecream.

Oh my Gosh… It’s getting funny already.

Then out of nowhere, a clown appeared. He scared my mom so bad it -----

Shyle stopped writing. She thought she could hear a noise.

She forgot all about her unfinished diary and went outside. 

It was raining heavily. Her mom warned her before not to go outside in the rain. Once she even said that the rain was magical and whatever it touches turns into stone except for umbrellas. But Shyle didn’t care. She had to see what the noise was.

Shyle saw a bush nearby rustling. She ambled towards it step by step.

“ Hey Missy, I ain’t gonna believe a word you say, and don’t you dare step on us with that… well, that!” said something in the bush.

She searched behind it and everywhere. With no luck, she said back, “ Who are you? And whatever you were trying to say is called a shoe. I might not step on you if I know who you are.”

“Oh Darling, We are really sorry. Why don’t you just look at the leaves of the bush, Sweetheart?”

“O-O-Okay.” She trembled with fear and looked down at the bush.

“EeeeeeeekkkkkkK! You have faces.”

“How Rude,” said a leaf.

“We have feelings too, ya know.” said another.

She pinched herself to see if it was a dream. 

Sadly, it was

And when she woke up, she saw her mom.

“I am going to mow the lawn to clear all those scattered leaves.” said mom.

“Leaves have feelings too,” said Shyle.

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