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naina gulati

Drama Inspirational


naina gulati

Drama Inspirational

Learning of Life

Learning of Life

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Arisha: mumma!!! Let's go outside naa I wanna play

Mom : yes betuu ! Wait,  just two min, then we'll go outside. okk?

Ar : okkii

Arisha is seven years old daughter of Sarina, oops! Dr. Sarina. She married to a businessman. His parents are extremely orthodox. Unfortunately, he died in a car accident when arisha is 5 years. 

As time passed, they both recovered from the loss. They both started living in alone away from the family. 

But this thing is not acceptable by the old ones of her family. They forced them to live in village as they both had to gave up all comforts because their main relation has gone.

They both started living a life like hell. Arisha was seeing her mother sacrifice every bit of her life to those orthodox. 

Arisha grew a strong feeling to save her maa and to be a successful and independent person who can live their life by their own choice. 

She used to study everything she confronts. As they also banned her study.

She learned everything ,from basic work to work of technician, accountant and doctors too. As she lived in a village, she learned about Indian medicines, Ayurveda and developed a new way of curing patients. She is friend, companion of all age groups from all work fields. 

She used to help all peeps there, with her dedication she went abroad to learn more as a famous NRI business man from that village took her with them with a promise to her mother of Arisha's bright future.

Finally!! Arisha became a doctor, a privileged doctor, her curiosity, dedication made her did this.

We should not find any specific way of learning. Every moment is teaching us something new, just be there and learn instead of finding flaws in everything, made everything your teacher, you will grow fast and well too.

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