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Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth

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Sam: You haven't described me like this

Novi:.. fine doing

Novi: "you are the SUN of my life".

Like the sun you have brightened my life, raised me from those dark gloom. Made me stable.

Thanks for being there in my life..

Sam:.. that much love

Novi: now go and study ... this is your final year..

To be Continued


Michelle: such pure love na! Although this can happen in only fiction.

Let's prepare food.

By saying this she went to the kitchen.

Garv: mumma! See what I bought?

Your favourite lemon pie .. come..

Michelle comes while having something to eat .

Michelle: wow! You a great son. but look I just had snacks, keep that in the fridge we'll eat at night.

By saying this, she turned to go.

Garv: mom! What do you think? I don't know anything.

We have left INDIA after that tragedy, still, you are following their rituals.

Why mom? They have given us a disastrous life, still !!!

His words stabbed her again at her wound which has been there for 24 years.

Michelle: I have changed my name, changed my identity but son no one can change their soul.

That moon has snatched my life but you know what ,, that moon is my life.

We Indians worship the moon on the night of Karva Chauth because the moon is a symbol of love, peace, and serenity.

What happened if I can't marry your dad.

But he is on that moon, we lovers find each other in this moon.

It connects us to our lovers.

It does not matter whether lovers are together or not, the symbol of love "moon" is universal.

The love will be in my veins till the destruction of the sun and moon.

Garv is silent and admiring the moon's beauty with her mother's love.

Moral: whether it is the love of mother or son, everyone is free to live their love ..

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