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naina gulati

Inspirational Romance


naina gulati

Inspirational Romance

Love In A Parallel World

Love In A Parallel World

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Phone bell rings .....

Zaiba: who the hell is this? please lemme sleep na !

Phone is ringing continuously ... at last she picked up call while yawning

Zaiba: yesssss...

Sameer : wake up man !! It is 9 am you have to go for shoot at 10 am. Get ready fast !!

By hearing this a video call made to that creepy voice

Zaiba: fine !! I woke up. Now tell me what should I wear? Hurry !! It is getting late .. you sleepy head

By showing a blue and a black dress to him as he is the wardrobe selector of the famous fashion blogger.

Having a cute smile, while scratching his head in a little bit shy mode he selected one dress of them.

Sameer: Now, get ready soon, I'll be at your home by 9:45!!

By saying this he cut the call.

Zaiba : why he does not let me sleep huh

While having thoughts in mind she got ready. As usual she is looking damn cute and pretty.

Sameer picked up her to the shoot and went to his office.

Actually Sameer is best childhood friend of Zaiba. As their religions are different and have so much of differences, in spite of these things their bond never got weak. Their families have also good relation with each other, as a result they never got any feeling apart of love, friendship and humanity

After the shoot, they both made plan to meet at a cafe while talking at snap chat

They both reached cafe. In the middle of unstoppable talks of Zaiba Sameer stood up and sat on one knee while forwarding a pretty ring to that beautiful lady with the a damn scary feeling of get separated and a heavenly hope to get his life, he proposed her. As she knew it before she smiled at him and promised him to marry after completion of dreams of both of them.

By this a new story has began and a story of love and relation between two religion has began.

All this happened in a parallel world, which is a damn opposite to the real world.

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