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Okay now get over it

Okay now get over it

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Okay now get over it!

Yes, I realize that might be a little harsh but there are so many people out there who need to hear it. 

Get on with your life already!!

Yes, we all have things that have happened to us in our life. Some of us have things that happen to us that are worse than others but that doesn't mean we are stopped in that spot and we stay there.

Yes, your man cheated, he lied to you and broke your heart. Does that mean for the next ten, twenty or in my grandmother's case or in my ex-mother- in-law's case, 40 years later, are we are still going to have to hear about it every day?

Yes, your mother was an alcoholic, your father beat you. You were abandoned as a child and grew up in the system, is that who you are?

No, these are circumstances that happened to you, this is not who you are. These are the things that hopefully will make you stronger, that change who you are for the better if you chose to make it that way.

Yes, you chose to become a better parent because your parents were so lousy. You chose not to drink because you remember what it was like to pick up your parents off the floor and clean them up night after night.

You chose not to cheat and lie because you saw how it broke your grandmother's heart still, 40 years later but you get to chose something and you get on with your life.

You don't spend the next how many years whining about it, giving life to it every day, and being stuck in that spot unable to move forward. No! You get up, and you hopefully learn a lesson. Everything that happens to us teaches us a lesson if we are willing to look for it and then you take your lesson and you move on, that's it, move on, end of story.

We all have problems, if you don't I feel sorry for you as you have never learned any lessons. If we were to sit around a table and each one of us would take out our problems and put them on the table, I guarantee you, you would be quick to grab yours back!

So today my friends, remember to let it go, it's over, it's called the past for a reason. You need to forgive and then get on with your life. Let me ask you, how long has this been holding you back? How many years will you hold this as your crutch? How many years will you be stuck in hatred, and bitterness? Life is way too short to be stuck, start your life over from this minute, get over it, it's never too late!

"Be the change you want to see"


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