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May 22

The sound of train, Tchjk ....... Tchjk seems to be amazing to me, because this was the first time I have been listening to such sounds. The beautiful mountain, trees and fields are fading away from my eyes. 

Do you want to learn about my name?

Wait a minute.

First, let me tell you  where I was travelling in train.

My family is very sad to miss me. But I am happy to leave them. I was never allowed to go out of house, till I have completed my degree.

I have completed my undergraduate degree course in English literature and successfully received MBA course. I was selected to work in the Infosys company in the campus interview.

This is the reason behind my journey in train. 

By the way, I am Ani.

The train finally reached the station. Weird look of people staring at me, made me to stumble. I reached the apartment. The apartment was quite comfortable. 

May 23

I have gone to the company. I wore the saree. All of my colleagues looked me, as I am the odd. None talked at me. I was alone. I couldn't understand the reason why they hesitate to mingle with me.  

One month passed.

No change in the activity of my colleagues.

July 5

Santhiya, one of my colleagues talked to me.

"Ani, Why are you wearing saree?"

"It is the only thing I have"

"Do you know the dressing sense in Chennai?"


"Then, why don't you wear stylish clothes?".

"I hate such dress".

"If you wear saree, you will not have any friends from our institution. The reason why you were neglected by us, is due to lack of modern dresses".

"What shall I do? I sent my salary to my family".

"Ah! You are the working women. You have freedom to spend the salary for your own expenses".

"Will you send money to your family?"

"No, I spent my own salary."


After the completion of my work, I bought modern dresses. I stopped to share my salary with my family.

July 6

All of my colleagues came closer to me. I am over the moon due to the enjoyment in the office.

July 7

Santhiya introduced me to drink vodka. Too statisfy her, I decided to quaff it. I tasted it as the pinch of salt. 

July 8

Again, Santhiya forced me to quaff vodka. 

July 9

I became craze over vodka. I am addicted to kulip. If I never consumed Kulip, I will not be able to stand firm. My life changed completely. I was fascinated by the western culture.

July 10

I stopped to contact my family. I used kulip for 12 hours.

Days crawled.

July 25

I lost my happiness. I lost the love of my parents.

I was in melancholy. I attempted to commit suicide. But I couldn't succeed in it.

July 26

I met one of my college mate. She took me to the famous counseling center. Somehow I narrowly escaped from the addict.

July 27

I set up my mind to resign the job.

July 28 


I was looking at the newspaper. I learned that students are addicted to kulip. I decided to transform the students from the addiction.


I completed certain degrees to work in the school. I motivated the students with good thoughts. I helped them to overcome the addiction of drugs. I lead successful life by motivating my students. I encouraged them to develop positive mindset.

Dear Readers,

Don't merge yourself in the western culture.

Always feel proud to be an Indian.

Follow the traditional customs.

Allow yourself to consume healthy food that suits                                               you.

Avoid fatty foods.

Don't change your behaviour for the people                                             around you.

Be yourself.

Always motivate others with good habits and                                   sense.

Be the sparkle to light others life.

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