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naina gulati



naina gulati


Insta Love

Insta Love

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This is the story of Maya and Garv.

Opens insta...

Maya: Abhi tak msg nhi aya. Huh!

Garv: Arey yaar, kaam bhut h. free hokr baat krunga acche se.

This kinda waiting is so cute na?

And this is their favorite hobby.

Garv and Maya were in the same college.

Both admired each other but never talked.

They had their first conversation on insta.

And that was the beginning of a new story.

Gradually their conversation was getting a bit personal, a more like of best friends, little secret keepers.

Their bond is getting stronger from strangers to friends to best friends and to each other's secret keeper.

No one knows about them.

The spark of care, respect was there.

No one from both of them could imagine living a life without each other.

When you understand someone's heartbeat, there is no need for words.

They started to understand each other's silence too, no need for words.

Their love was on the 10th floor.

As final year arrived, both of them got busy.

Those sleepless nights were dedicated to their career.

They have different dreams. Their parents have some different goals for them.

For the sake of their career both of them decided to leave.

This is not left from love, this is from being physically and mentally from each other.

So no one gets hurts by missing each other but deep down both knew they will die because of missing each other.

Sometimes life isn't to be with them,

It is to let them be with their dreams and success.

Love is not loving only,

It is caring too!

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