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Subconscious LOVE!

Subconscious LOVE!

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ON the way to his workplace from home, Mr. Vishal received a message on what’s app – sir ,please share something about you ,I am making a report on workshop, for that I need this information. –Jalpa, B.Ed. student. Vishal had enough time and nothing important to do while travelling in bus. He replied about his designation ,role and vision for work and leaving a note at the end of message – what else you want to know about me! This line became a opener sentence for oceans of conversations.

Jalpa replied, tell about your interest and previous work . Vishal replied that he was a poet and worked for a social change through quality education. Jalpa replied- Wow! She also wished work for a such vision, she took promise from Vishal to get help in future if she needed in achieving her goal. She asked Vishal share some poetic work with her. She impressed with the way of replying from other side because she never expected she got such warm and open hearted response from a facilitator or professionals. Vishal was typing some message, Jalpa could see that he was typing as on the top screen one can see if someone is typing some texts – a what’s app feature.

It took some time – in between Jalpa texted one or two message – symbol of thoughtful smiley, Vishal sir is typing….. waiting…….. etc. She was eagerly waiting and when didn’t receive any message went offline. Her phone rang for a message, she quickly opened her chat box and yes there was a message for her. She read it ,she again read it and read continuously. It was a poem describing her, in that poem described about true beauty over appearance , talked about aspirations which a young mind possessed for herself and for the society. Actually this poem described her meaningfully and mirror of her thoughts. She was spell bounded how Vishal judged her so perfectly because there was not such interaction where they discussed about these. It was just formal communication where she was a participated in a workshop and he took for a little time interaction with the participants.

Jalpa became a fan of that person and demanding for some other work of him. Vishal share his blog, his work that was on online portals. She found this work was great and share openhearted her comments. She showed her curiosity to know more about Vishal. Vishal just got questions and simply replied with his poetic wisdom and holistic perspective. He could not get the sense this conversation was the starting point for a new relationship, unknowingly seeds were sown of this togetherness. 

Next evening Vishal had took his dinner and continued his work as he was work on some script on maths pedagogy for his new you tube video. He received message form Jalpa and with mysterious smile she opened message and replied that. Now conversation got pace and moved towards some philosophical questions like what education is all about? Role of schooling in education? How maths can help being a good citizen ? and another side values, relationships and love! Vishal opened his heart for replying to these questions. He shared his experiences and insights on these topics. Jalpa got a great resource for maths and her weird questions which required such response so that they could survive. Jalpa felt pleasured while discussion with Vishal and Vishal felt privileged on replying and share his ideas and happy after getting his admirable partner in making shapes his ideas into reality. Their conversation sometimes traveled in past about their crushes, college life. It became a habit. Perhaps they spent all day in the waiting of evening and they again started their most soothed journey.

They appreciated each other and communicated smartly means not disturbing each other , if one had some work or other engagement other simply stopped his/her communication. They were in a relationship but what relationship –they don’t know. They felt vacuum without getting messages. Jalpa is a beautiful diva and usually got interacted such persons who are after her beauty not her real Jalpa. Here she found strange togetherness, no promises, no commitments, no lust just care and special devotion to their unknown relationships. She got confused about this relationship, what is the future of it? They both found themselves into the cage where they could not get way towards outside.

Jalpa changed this routine and stopped herself texting him. But now Vishal has become proactive and he started conversation. Jalpa was under great fear about future and uncertainties of this relationships. She was mature and capable of taking decisions for herself. She was bold and realistic. She concluded herself that she need to come out from this trap for the sake of future which she was dreaming. She abruptly stopped chatting, she ignored his message but it was very difficult ignoring his message so she stopped using what’s app. Vishal surprisingly ready for this ,he knew already about such consequences, He was the best in prediction about such relationship ,by the way he was working for mathematization of thoughts. He didn’t want such strange end of this beautiful part of his life. He was ready to do anything for the sake of alive this relationship, but only his end ,he could not cross his limitation and he himself created such values in their relationship.

This fascinated saga broke and there were droughts of communication. Vishal tried many times but didn’t get positive responses. He got his happiness from the sweet memory of their discussion. Jalpa got a place in his heart permanently and he decided for waiting because he believe love is immortal, if someone touches it’s drops one cannot come out until death. He believed so firmly that he made spaces and positions for her in his heart. Whenever she wished, she could come and possess her space, herself which was alive and grow along with the Vishal’s life.

Jalpa moved with pace with the life and controlled her emotions perfectly, never texted or any type of communication with her past. She chose only a small passage of this heavenly journey  although she could move further on this path but as per her perceptions she decided and continue with her decision.

They both texted message but before sending these they deleted. It was the height of this relationship they stopped communication but felt fresh with the belonging of each other.

They had more authority on one another and shared their unspoken words to each other without sending in reality. They messed up so closely that they were starting oneness in their existence. They had strong hope and committed future of their togetherness. They lived every bit of their life for love and enjoyed share their thoughts , doubts, answers, dilemmas and their grey region of life which they could not share to another one or self also. They were happy because they got meaning and name of their relationship- “the subconscious LOVE!”  

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