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Trying to overturn Roe vs Wade

Trying to overturn Roe vs Wade

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Trying to overturn Roe vs Wade 

If you know me or follow me you know that even though I am Christian I am a huge advocate for women's rights.

Especially the right to choose what happens with our own bodies.

Now some of you may come at me spurting all kinds of bible verses and that this is not God's way. But we as humans have a right to choose which path we take and we get to believe or not believe. I am and will always be for whatever gets you through your day, good for you.

Saying all of this, this is my opinion and whether you like it or not, too bad. Again it's just my opinion, you're allowed to have yours and I will never come at you for that.

I speak on this because I had an abortion. Trust and believe I never thought I would do this but I had no other choice like so many other women out there.

I was 15 and I was raped. I found out 2 months later I was pregnant. I was a virgin, I was 15 and I was scared. I didn't want to have a rapist baby, I had my whole life in front of me and this was never in my plan.

But at least I had a choice, I chose to have an abortion. 

I remember I had to cross a picket line where people spit on me and called me baby killer. The doctor said to me as I laid there crying "Too late to cry now you should have thought about this before you spread your legs" 

He never asked or cared what happened to me; he, like the many others outside, just judged me.

I was terrified, I never even had a gynecologist exam before this. But I knew that I could never take care of a child or even think about raising this baby, especially the way it happened. That wasn't even a choice for me. This was a choice that happened because some man decided to take advantage of me.

There are so many women out here that are put in this position, through rape or sexual assault, so why shouldn't they have this option? Who are you to say they must have a child they clearly don't want? 

But no matter what the situation is that brings you to this point, it is still your choice. It pisses me off that people are so fast to say keep it but then are not there to help women once they have the child. Put your money where your mouth is. Don't just give lip action, give help, give solutions, don't just say you shouldn't do it and walk away.

These people love to point the finger, so high and mighty that they think they are but have nothing else to give but their judgment. This will always be a women's right, my body, my choice, you don't get a say.

So today my friends, we need to speak out, post, vote, protest whatever it takes to make sure we get to keep our rights. Because what other rights will they try to take away from us if we let them take the rights to our own bodies?

This may not be your choice and that's okay but we live in the United States of America where we all get to choose, so let's make sure we stay, the home of the free.


"Be the change you want to see"


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