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Seema Mishra

Drama Inspirational


Seema Mishra

Drama Inspirational

The Delivery Boy

The Delivery Boy

2 mins 379 2 mins 379

 Tring Tring!! The door bell rang reminding me that I am in lockdown phase. I peeped from my window at the second floor and saw the delivery boy and I was like 

Woww! My parcel has arrived!

I had ordered a nice dress .

since there was no staff to pick it up due to lockdown I went down hurriedly to the ground floor to receive the parcel for which I had been waiting since three good working days! 

My excitement was at its peak as it was a beautiful dress ordered online to be worn on my D-day!

But alas! the moment I opened the door my excitement flew away in the air and I was full of sympathies and pain to see a young handsome boy who is profusely sweating and standing with a huge big bag full of parcels who was drained of strength and energy and was fatigued to a level of exhaustion with a mask on his face and all that in a killing 38 degree hot temp!! 

Still he managed to smile and wish me. 

My God that was even more a sad sight!

 I gathered the courage to step out of my that sad world and smiled and asked 

What's your name? 

He smiled and replied Sasha

Do you need some cold water? I asked

To which he was in a confused state of reply so without waiting for an answer I offered him to come in and sit in the ground floor office. 

I went upstairs and got him some cold water and also offered him some fruits .

 Excuse me Ma'am! said Sasha

Can I fill my bottle with cold water? 

Of course yes please go ahead! I replied. 

Sasha whenever you are in this area to deliver parcels please feel free to come here and ask for anything you need.

Tea, lunch or filling your bottle with some cold water anything u need! 

He was all smiles now - The original smile and a thanking face which shone up with energy! 

And then he left thanking me and my kid for being an exceptional family he ever met in his 28 days career as a delivery boy! 

That day I was very happy and contented as I had touched a life! 

Now he will love his job I felt as he knew there are people who care! 

It was hardly 28 days he joined this company which I got to know while I was talking to him. 

It was a heavenly feeling!! 

Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and think of those who serve us inspite of all the odds with a smile on their face. 

We need to realise that the real wealth is to Touch lives!! 

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