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Seema Mishra

Classics Inspirational Children


Seema Mishra

Classics Inspirational Children

A Kind Neighbour

A Kind Neighbour

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Whatt?? Are you kidding me?

Can't believe that !!

I jumped out of excitement when my friend from Mumbai was talking to me over a casual call! 

We women tend to speak about everything on earth .

So both of us are no exceptions at all!! 

While talking about other things both of us always try to leave an inspiring note who ever has to share which could influence us towards better till we speak again and get inspired with more stories. 

So she continued, seema my neighbour Mrs. Shubha Nair is a Keralite who prepares idli dosa for breakfast for her family every morning and the best part is she prepares it much more than needed.Any delivery person who comes to her house is offered idli-sambar chutney, coffee.

Are u kidding? I said! 

So she was like, No seema I m not kidding and yes she offers it to all like the dhobi, the postman, the grocery delivery persons all of them. 

Moreover there is a postwomen in our area. Mrs. Nair has given her standing instructions to come to her house whenever she wants to use the rest room as she feels the public lavatories are not so clean and "as a women we need to understand their problem " Says Mrs. Nair. 

I was all salutes for my friend's neighbour who was no less than God serving on earth! 

This was a true example of humanity to an extent that I was all emotional after listening to all her kind deeds as narrated by my friend that I wished I had a similar neighbour as I could feel God's presence touching lives in the form of a neighbour like Mrs. Nair.

I believe this is the most precious deed one can ever do as a human being!! 

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