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Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 6

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 6

3 mins 232 3 mins 232

August 14th, 05:45 PM

The journey was tiresome; the conductor stopped the bus almost at every small or big town so far. They even had a one-hour lunch break at a roadside Dhaba (Roadside restaurant). Passengers were coming into and going outside of the bus at every bus stand. Sometimes it was jammed with passengers and sometimes there were left only five to ten passengers. Seema napped a little occasionally and the heat outside wake her up abruptly. 

Suddenly the bus slowed again and left the main road, after a few hundred yards there was a road side Dhaba named Greenway Hotel & Restaurant. There were several public and private vehicles gathered outside it and the passengers and staff of the buses were having some refreshment.

Seema came out of the bus and looked around, the place was filthy, and people were sitting on dirty tables, eating something. She looked for the washroom, which she found situated at the far corner. The washroom was filthy as well. She looked herself in the hazy mirror which was hung on the washroom wall, there was an unknown woman in the mirror, dark, aged, face full of wrinkles.

She came out of the washroom, went to the tea stall and ordered one cup of tea. She took a corner seat and sipped the tasteless tea.

The lazy bus drivers and conductors were resting after the refreshment. Their rest was boring for the passengers and some of the passengers were murmuring that they were getting late.

Finally, after a half hour long rest the driver of the bus came out of the Dhaba shelter, took his driving seat and started honking.

She moved towards her bus steadily, suddenly a car entered the Dhaba premise and came in between her and her bus.

August 14th, 06:17 PM

Jagir was driving the car at a very steady speed, fast but in control. En route Devdurg they came across several public and private transports, they tried to peep through them, but there was no sign of Seema. They were so disturbed by the minister warning that they even skipped their lunch. After a few hours driving they thought of eating something.

“I know a place where we could get something good for the lunch.” said Jagir.

“Let’s go there.” agreed Peter.

After forty-five-minute journey they found the sign board of Greenway Hotel & Restaurant. Jagir slowed the car and entered the premises of the hotel. There were a number of parked vehicles; he looked for a place to park the car.

“Seema!” whispered Peter in his ear.

Jagir saw, yes, she was walking in front of them. He stopped the car and let her go. She rushed towards a bus and vanished from their sight.

“We found her!” exclaimed Jagir.

“Yes, let the bus go and chase the bus at a very safe distance.” instructed Peter.

“As you wish boss.”

Jagir waited for a few moments and started chasing the bus cautiously.

Meanwhile, Peter called up the minister and informed him about finding Seema.

“Good, now give me the bus details, don’t lose her now, I’m sending Jafar, kill her before he reaches otherwise, he will hunt you as well.”

Peter gave the details of the bus and cursed the moment when he decided to take this job.

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