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Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller

Kill Or Get Killed - Part- 4

Kill Or Get Killed - Part- 4

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August 14th, 11:38 AM

Seema left the auto at the main door of the roadways stand. She looked for an ATM; there were three at various directions around the roadways stand. She went to the nearest one and inserted the ATM card in the slot provided. She was wondering if her account was still active, but to her surprise ATM accepted the card. She withdrew some money and came out of the bus stand.

She went to a nearby saari shop and bought a few for her. One of the saaries was pink in color.

Later she went to the roadways station again. She went to inquire office and inquired about a bus towards Will City.

“There is no direct bus to Will City from here, take bus to Devdurg, which is the Junction city; you can get a bus to Will City from there.” informed the clerk and said further, “Bus number 3024 is about to leave towards Devdurg.

She thanked the clerk and looked for the mentioned bus. There were not many buses at the time, she easily found the bus and as soon as she entered the bus the driver started the bus and accelerated it towards the main gate of the bus stand. She took the window seat; there were not many passengers in the bus. She looked outside; the bus was going through the narrow streets of Junagarh.

“Ticket ma’am!” the bus conductor interrupted her.

“One ticket…Devdurg.”

“Three hundred five rupees.”

The bus driver accelerated the bus to cover the 247 km distance between Junagarh and Devdurg.

August 14th, 12:14 PM

Jagir pulled in the car before the roadways stand. Peter came out of the car and glanced through the bus stand, there were a number of buses ready to leave for their destinations. He quickly checked every bus, but there was not a sign of Seema. They had lost her, he again cursed himself.

The humidity in the atmosphere was making him crazy; he wiped the sweat off his face and looked around. He saw the inquiry office and decided to give a try.

“Sir, we are looking for our sister, she has to go to Veer Nagar, do you remember any woman inquiring for a bus to Veer Nagar.” asked Peter to the busy inquiry clerk.

“No, no one inquired about Veer Nagar.” informed the clerk.

All of a sudden, his mobile started ringing, he fished out his phone. He was sad to see; minister number was again flashing on phone screen.

“Yes, sir.”

“Found her, is she dead?”

“We lost her, sir.”

“You useless burden, why the hell did I rely on you, idiot, find her, I’m warning you, if you don’t find her, I’ll send Jafar to find you.”

Peter shivered at the mention of Jafar name, the ruthless contract killer who has never flunked a single killing contract.

“Sorry sir, we’ll find her and inform you soon.”

“You must.”

And the phone screen went blank again.

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