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Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 3

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 3

3 mins 188 3 mins 188

Earlier on August 13th


“Zoya, as I remember you covered the Seema case from beginning to her imprisonment?” asked Atul Shah, the chief editor of City News Channel.

“Yes, I did, sir, is there anything new about her?” asked Zoya.

“You know she has been serving her three and half years’ imprisonment in Zoura jail for three and half years.”

“I know, sir.”

“Please let me finish.” said Atul and went on, “I have news that they are releasing her tomorrow.”

“That is interesting.” said Zoya.

“Don’t you think she will attack Ranjeet again?”

“As far as I know about her, she’ll never miss a chance to kill Ranjeet and her best chance is on August 15th when the minister will be in public, hoisting the national flag on parade ground of Veer Nagar.”

“So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and work on this clue. I want some exclusive videos of her; we’ll run her story in prime time today.”

“Sure, sir, hope I’ll get something new on her.”

“That’s good.”

August 14th, 03:45 AM

Peter and Zagir reached at Junagarh early in the morning. They were dead tired after the ten hours driving from Veer Nagar to Junagarh. All they wanted was a little sleep. They decided to stay in a cheap motel with fake names and fake ids. There were several cheap motels in that small town and they hired the nearest of the Jail. They secured their weapons before going to bed, and set their mobile alarms at seven am.

August 14th, 10:32 AM

A sharp buzzing sound forced to wake Peter up. He rubbed his eyes and fished his mobile phone out of his pocket. He made more efforts to look at the phone screen which was flashing minister Ranjeet’s number.

“Yes, sir.”

“Work done?”

“We’ve reached at Junagarh; we’ll get the work done before noon.”

“This is before noon idiot, go and get her.”

He glanced at his wrist watch, whose arms were displaying 10:32.

“Sorry sir, we are going…. just…about to leave….”

“Listen, you miss her today and you are a dead man.”

Mobile phone went silent.

Peter kicked Jagir who was still sleeping and cursed himself. They left the motel in a hurry rushed towards the Jail. Jagir was driving the car while Peter was loading his mouser. Soon the jail was in their sights.

The jail’s main door was closed. There was not a single human being outside of the jail. Peter left the car and went straight to the jail door. He knocked the door, a sentry peeped through a small hole.

“What do you want?” inquired the sentry.

“Ugh… we came to receive, Seema ji, when will she be released?”

“You are late, she has been released.” replied the sentry and closed the hole.

He was frustrated on the news; he saw in every direction helplessly, there was a tea vendor on the other side of the main door. He went towards him and asked, “Bhai, did you see a woman leaving the jail today?”

The tea vendor looked at his face with a little suspicion and said, “No, I didn’t see any woman leaving the jail today.”

Peter scratched his head and came back to his car.

“She has left.” He said to Jagir and again cursed the alarm, which couldn’t wake them.

“She must have taken a bus or some other public transport.” said Jagir.

“You are right, let’s check the roadways stand and railway station.”

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