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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Poonam Vaze

Comedy Drama Inspirational


Poonam Vaze

Comedy Drama Inspirational



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Jenny cleaned the fresh strawberries and kept them in a dry cleaned container. It was a sunny Sunday morning and Jenny was preparing breakfast for her family. Her son Abby was fast asleep.

Crack crack went the eggs in the frying pan and tak tuk came the crispy toasted bread from the toaster. She placed her favorite strawberries in a glass bowl and sprinkled powdered sugar over it. They looked amazing.

She glanced at the sticky note stuck on the fridge.

It read

Priority list:

Henry's breakfast toast bread with omelette, coffee

Abby's breakfast cheese sandwich and chocolate milk

Fresh up and go to church

Lunch veg patty and chicken curry with rice

If possible list:

Jenny 's strawberries

She was waiting for her husband to come home. Henry was an enthusiastic marathon runner. He had gone for the Mumbai Marathon run and was sure he would complete the 42 kms run in four hours.

Jenny's phone rang.

"Hi dear guess what. I did it. I did it. My run time is four hours at the pace of 5.7 minutes per kms...!!!!!!" It was Henry , fully elated by his achievement.

"Wow darling. Super congratulations. I knew you could do it. "Jenny said completely proud of her husband's achievement. She immediately woke up Abby and shared the good news.

"I knew daddy would do it!!!! He is the strongest." Little Abby said rubbing his eyes.

Henry came with medals dangling around his neck. Little Abby immediately took them in his hands and wore it proudly on his neck.

"Abby baby you have to earn these medals." Jenny said merrily.

"Let me freshen up and then let's have a yummy breakfast prepared by your mummy." Henry said to little Abby.

The breakfast table was neatly arranged by Jenny.

"Super....Mouth watering cheese sandwiches." Little Abby said and kissed his mom.

"Have a bowl of fresh strawberries too. They are yummy." Jenny said to her son.

"Naàaaaaaaaaa. Yucky. I don't like strawberries. " Abby said giving the bowl a nasty look.

"Neither do I. " said Henry. Without glancing at the strawberry bowl, Henry and Abby enjoyed their breakfast.

Jenny looked at the bowl and sighed.

'Nobody likes strawberries. Only I love them. ' She said to herself as she disposed off the strawberries in the dustbin.

That night Jenny looked at her husband's medals. Henry had carefully hanged them on the wall near the bookshelf. She took them and put them on her neck . The same way like little Abby did. She felt proud of her husband. But she was not happy.

"Why??" She questioned her self.

"They are not mine. That's why. " She said.

Jenny didn't get that euphoric feeling as she expected to get. Something was missing in Jenny's life. She was a stenographer in a well- paying MNC. She had Henry and little Abby and a sweet home. But still something was missing.

She didn't have HERSELF.

Much determined to discover herself she made an announcement to Henry the next day.

"What ???? You are participating in the pinkathon run. " Henry said googling his eyes out in surprise.

"Yes I was a badminton champ in my college days. Let me do this for myself." Jenny said.

"Ok no worries for me. I can help you in....."

"No. " Jenny screamed interrupting him.

"No what ? " He asked as he gave a hard smile.

"No help from anyone. I will do it myself. I have already filled up the participation form." She said.

The next moment running shoes were ordered. Running app was downloaded. Alarm was set at 4 in morning. That's what she had decided. Running practice for two hours.

"All the best Mom." Little Abby giggled.

The first day was tough. Her muscles ached in the office and she limped everywhere. That night Jenny was so tired that she was unable to cook. She thought of quitting.

"It's not that easy dear." Henry said with a teasing smile.

But Jenny was determined do it. However, she needed some motivation.

"Yup my strawberries ." She thought.

Jenny decided to treat herself with a bowl of strawberries if she could carry out her running practice in the morning. A bowl of strawberries worked wonders for her. Whenever her body gave up she thought of strawberries. It gave her the boost to run and she felt powerful and liberated.

The D-day arrived. Jenny was all set with her T-shirt, pinkathon badges, fit bit watch and a bottle of sparkling water.

"I will drop you till venue. " Henry said.

"No. ......" She screamed again.

"No what?????" Henry asked again lowering his eyebrows in confusion.

"I said I will go myself." She replied proudly.

It was early twilight as Jenny sat in the rickshaw. She was a little scared. But her willpower to do all by herself superseded the fear. Jenny reached the venue. She saw thousands of ladies wearing pink T-shirt. The place was clustered with amateurs to professional runners, senior citizens to young girls, CEO's to housewives. They all had come to run and experience the feeling of freedom.

"It seems I have arrived at a carnival." She said to herself.

Her favorite bollywood star was the center of attention. Not for Jenny though. Her target was 10 kms at the pace of 5.7 minutes per kms , the same proportion as Henry's.

As the whistle blew , she said to herself. "Yes I can do it. All the best Jenny." She started her stopwatch on her fit bit watch.

She sprinted like Usain Bolt and ran like P T Usha . As Jenny jogged she felt close to herself. Only herself . It was just Jenny and her legs going in with the rhythm of her heartbeats. As Jenny saw the finish line nearing she looked at the stopwatch.

"Hurray I did it!!!!!!!!! Exactly 57 minutes. " Jenny said to herself as she busted on the finish line.

"A gift from me to myself." She said when she held the medals in her hand. Completely thrilled Jenny kissed the medals.

It was decided that she would treat herself.

She went home and took out the chilled strawberry milk shake with some cut strawberries. Strawberry jam was ready to be applied on her toast.

"Mom today's breakfast is strawberries?????" Little Abby asked looking at the breakfast table decorated with only strawberries.

"Yes.." Jenny said as her chin went up with pride.

"Today is my day . I am celebrating my win. So I will eat what I want to eat." She continued as she applied the jam on her toast.

"What about me and daddy???? You know we don't like strawberries...." Little Abby asked looking at strawberries. His face turned gloomy.

"You have to adjust with this breakfast as I always adjust with your breakfast." Jenny said. Her voice radiated confidence.

"Ok mom." Little Abby said not so happy with his mother's decision.

But Jenny was happy. Very very happy. This was the first time she did something for herself, only and only herself.

After relishing her strawberry packed breakfast, she went in the kitchen. The sticky note of yesterday's priority list was stuck on the fridge. She took it out and tore into pieces.

She put a new sticky note:

It read

Priority list

Jenny's strawberries

Jenny's strawberries

Jenny's strawberries

Jenny's strawberries

If possible list

Henry's breakfast toast bread with omelette, coffee

Abby's breakfast cheese sandwich and chocolate milk

Fresh up and go to church

Lunch veg patty and chicken curry with rice.

Ladies, let the sticky note on that fridge of yours have only your name. Only and only your name.

Happy Women's Day ..

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