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hanaseon K

Romance Fantasy Children


hanaseon K

Romance Fantasy Children

In The Book

In The Book

2 mins

I, Anu had a crush on my childhood friend, Arun. He doesn't know it though. We're quite close

but I didn't want akward situations to take palace between us, So I never confessed my feelings.

One fine day, I read a book in which the hero kills the heroine due to some issues and lack of trust.The story is not into me, But the real thing is I got transmigrated into the book along whith Arun.

Why does he have to be male lead and me the female lead?

I'm going to die in his hands?

No, it can't happen.

Let's meet Arun.


Arun! Arun! where are you?

Wait who are you and who is Arun? asked the hero, Alexis

What don't you remember me??, I asked


A cold voice rang in my ear.

Looks like he doesn't remember his past life let's he'd back.

While returning, she stopped and turned around and said,

I'm Veronica, your majesty.


In this case, he'll really kill me.

What to do?

Let's write it down.

Plan A:

Try to make him remember his past

Plan B:

Be friends and earn trust or make him fall in love.


Good morning, your majesty

Good morning, he replied.

He's still cold. At least he replied.

I asked him,

Do you perhaps know Anu or Arun??

How many times should I say? Just get out!!

Looks like he doesn't remember 

Let's go for my next plan..... it's difficult...Ah

Will he fall....?

Let's just do it.

Without thinking for a second, she approached him and said,

Let's marry!


Why do you keep irritating me like this?

Why should I marry you??

Get out!!!

This is so difficult what should I do??

In the story, 

Veronica falls in love with Dan.

He doesn't love her and Alexis loved her so he ended up killing Dan as he killed Veronica.

But here no one exists with that name.

*****Back at the court*****

Alexis thought to himself,

I do love her, but she's too clumsy that even without hearing my words she runs away.....

I'll say it this time.

****NEXT DAY****

Veronica! Will you marry me?

Is this a dream? l didn't think this day will come soon.

Then after they lived a happy and long life.

Veronica thought,

Why didn't Dan made an appearance?

He didn't ever exist thought!!!!

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