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Shubhi Sharma

Abstract Fantasy Inspirational


Shubhi Sharma

Abstract Fantasy Inspirational



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God is great

Everyone's mate

Nothing is impossible

If he's there then life is stable.

Midnight, while reading my posts I found an idea of why not telling you the most strange moment when a soldier saw god .

Once , a soldier returning from war disappointing that he lost and now his country is in danger. He went straight away to a temple begging god to save his country. Pardoning god spent couple of months praying him like this when one day he realized that with a silver gate, a home was waiting for him carrying an old woman. He rushed to his house. Rang the doorbell and his mother came stumbling opened the door and went back. The soldier was in a shock seeing that and his mother sat on the chair like any another ordinary day. That moment was such when he noticed two things in gap of seconds. One , that his mother was crying quietly and second he saw God behind her , face angry and the phase he realized that he made a mistake or foolishness hence God wasn't listening to him since months. He huged his mother crying and put his head on her lap. Mother was also mom and then she gave her a blessing that another war the soldier was too alive and his country too. He defeated the enemy. 

     Now I must tell neither maybe this is a true story nor I have ever experienced such. Just convey a message to all my dear friends, pls don't ever make your mother cry as one droplet from her eyes, your whole world will be flooded.

   To all mothers

    Mothers are super

    Also spicy as pepper

     Mumma real God is in you

     And we all children are not even belongs under your shoe...


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