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Hum Sath - Sath Hai

Hum Sath - Sath Hai

2 mins

In the past Ramkishan Chaturvedi, a rich businessman loses his first wife Lakshmi sadly. They have a 1 year-old son Vivek. Ramkishan remarries the kind Mamta, and Vivek also accepts and respects her as his own mother. Later the two have three kids: Prem, Sangita and Vinod.

7 years later

While trying to save Prem and Vinod from a probable accident, Vivek is injured leaving him handicapped due to his right hand paralysis.

19 years later

Prem returns from US after completing his studies. Sangita lives with her husband Anand and daughter Radhika. Vinod is busy in studies. Vivek is still in treatment for his hand. On Ramkishan and Mamta's anniversary function, the four siblings wish them with respect.

Seeing Vivek's love for them, Ramkishan's business associate Adarsh's daughter Sadhna likes him at first sight. Adarsh sends a wedding proposal for her. Vivek agrees and marries Sadhna. Vinod is secretly in love with Sapna (daughter of Ramkishan's colleague Dharamraj Bajpai).

They show the love of Prem and Preeti (daughter of Ramkishan's friend Pritam). Everyone agrees to engage them. Eventually, Prem and Preeti find out about Vinod and Sapna who get engaged too. Ramkishan makes Vivek the managing director of his company.

A bitter turn comes when Anand's brother Anurag cheats on him from inheritance and share in the family business. This incident triggers insecurity in Mamta's mind. Meanwhile her three friends and Dharamraj fill her head with thoughts as to why Vivek should be in charge of the family inheritance. This makes Mamta very paranoid.

She questions Ramkishan's decision, and wants division of the business equally between all sons. He disagrees as it will divide the family. Heartbroken after finding out, Vivek asks Ramkishan to put Prem in charge of family empire and moves back to their ancestral village Rampur with Sadhna. Vinod accompanies them.

Prem refuses to replace Vivek as head of the family. Vivek convinces him to go along with plan in the interest of preventing further conflict within the family. Prem tells Mamta that he won't marry and can't replace Vivek if she wants so. Eventually, Anurag realizes his mistake and unites with Anand.

Sangita asks Mamta to bring back Vivek. Mamta realizes her mistakes and visits Rampur with Ramkishan. In the hospital, Sadhna delivers a boy. Later, Prem and Vinod marry Preeti and Sapna. Dharamraj apologises realising ill-manner cannot end the love in family. All live happily ever after.

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