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Action Fantasy Thriller


Tejas Goel

Action Fantasy Thriller

Lost In Space: Return to Yesterday. (Prologue)

Lost In Space: Return to Yesterday. (Prologue)

3 mins

Mission Log 18 

Robinson, Maureen-Commander 

24th Mission of the Resolute

Good morning. It's day four since we evacuated the Resolute and crash- landed here, though we still don't know exactly where here is. We're in another part of the galaxy as best as I can tell, though given that we can't even find Alpha Centauri or any other familiar stars in the sky, it's possible that somehow we've ended up in a different galaxy entirely.

John, Judy, Penny, and Will, along with myself, continue to be in good health, aside from minor wounds sustained over these last few difficult days, and so far we've been able to balance fears of our predicament with action toward our continued survival and rescue. 

Our Jupiter remains in stable condition. Since we escaped from the glacier, we have had no more instances of eels in the fuel tanks, and with this planet's relatively mild climate, we've been able to recharge the life support batteries during the day. Our supply levels have actually improved now that we've made contact with the other surviving Jupiters. Victor, our colonial representative, has implemented a resource-sharing program, and today John and I will be part of the team redistributing materials. 

We still have had no contact with the Resolute, or I guess I should say they haven't heard from us. We know that they've been in orbit above this planet since the accident, but while they suspect that we are down here, they are unable to receive any of our transmissions or verify our survival, due to the loss of their scanning array. We tried to alert them to our presence with a light beam, but that attempt was thwarted by some particularly angry creatures that will have taken to calling mothasaurs. I'm sure Hiroki's logs will explain all about those. 

Now for the really bad news: I am still gathering data on the nature of the black hole that I've discovered near this system's star, but all evidence continues to point toward our time on this planet growing very short, very fast. I have confided this information in two other mission members: John and Hiroki. I plan to tell the rest of the colonists very soon, perhaps this evening, though I am worried about how it will affect morale. I haven't yet told my children, either.... 

For the moment, our plan remains the same as yesterday: We know of another downed Jupiter that reportedly has full fuel stores. If we can get that fuel, we should have just enough-assuming my calculations are right -to get the Jupiters airborne. Then we just need to figure out a way to modify them to carry more people. Apart from that, we will continue with day-to-day tasks, such as dispersing supplies and keeping up morale. 

Last thing: There's been no change in the Robot. It continues to act as Will's protector and friend. It even fought off those mothasaurs when they attacked, though to do that, it shape-shifted to its previous form, the version that attacked the Resolute and seeing that scared the rest of the colonists. That Robot is responsible for us being here, for the deaths of twenty-seven colonists... and yet it's also the reason my family and I are alive. Some of the other colonists want it destroyed or at the very least imprisoned-if such a thing is even possible-but John and I can't forget how it saved Judy from the ice, how it saved all our lives that first night when we were trapped on the glacier. So, for now, John has convinced the colonists to allow the Robot to stay. We've seen its spaceship, and though we couldn't understand its technology, I can't help thinking of how much we could learn from it. I know it's a risk letting it stay with us, but I have to admit: I like knowing it's watching out for Will. 

Well, time to get to the day's tasks. I'll report again in twenty-four hours. Until then... wish us luck. 

Chapter 1 Will come Soon!!

The End

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