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Aquib Anis

Comedy Drama


Aquib Anis

Comedy Drama



4 mins

It was 3 am in the night. Most of the guests had departed. Mrs. Sinha was cleaning the dining table when she heard a sobbing sound. She was half asleep and didn't bother to care for it. When the voice got louder, she realized that someone was really crying. She moved around to see from which room the voice was coming.

Mom! Please don't switch on the lights; I am trying to sleep here, Renuka, her daughter shouted. I wasn't able to sleep on time due to the hazards of this nonsense ritual of celebrating birthdays at midnight. Please!! Switch off the light. 

Scared by the rage of her daughter, Mrs. Sinha switched off the light and ran to her younger son, Varun's room.

The door was locked from inside.

Varun! Son, are you there? She knocked quietly just to make sure that Renuka doesn't hear it.

There was no response from inside.

She thought he was asleep.

Whose cry it was then? I heard it. I am sure I heard it.

She heard a cry again.

Varun! Son! What has happened? Why are you crying? She banged at the door.

Mom! What is wrong with you tonight? Shouted Renuka, again. Will you let me sleep or not?

Just as Mrs.Sinha was about to bang at the door again, Varun opened it.

She hugged him.

Why are you crying? Is something wrong? Did we not celebrate your birthday properly?

Mom! There is nothing like that. I am extremely happy with the way you and Dad celebrated my birthday.

Show me your eyes? I don't believe you. Its red. I knew it. You were crying.

It's red because I haven't slept yet.

Are you sure?

Yes! You have worked really hard today, please go and sleep. If you want then I can wash the dishes for you.

Shut up! Why would you wash the dishes? She said and went away.

My Mom and her never-ending love for her son shouted Renuka. I have never seen you showering love to me ever.

Crazy girl! I love you as much as Varun. Mrs. Sinha hit back.

I don't think so, Renuka mocked. 

Seeing the commotion, Mr. Sinha too entered the scene. Why is everyone shouting? He said. His voice was the need of the hour. Suddenly the house hushed into silence.

Varun was able to hold his cry but not his tears. Tossing and turning in his bed, he had just one question on his mind, why did "she" not wish me a happy birthday? Why did she do this to me?

As he was murmuring, tears were rolling down his cheeks. He was constantly shuffling between Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to check if "she" has left a birthday message for him. To his disappointment, there wasn't any.

Suddenly his breath got heavier. He continued like that till he felt suffocated. Soon, he ran out of tears. There was not even an ounce of energy left in his body. It was 4 am in the morning. He tried really hard but couldn't sleep.

Tired and depressed, he crawled out of his bed and switched on the light. He didn't know what to do. He tried to control the urge of not looking at his phone but couldn't.

Still, there was no message from "her".

He thought of going to the terrace to get some fresh air so he sneaked out of the house. Even the winds were upset. Not even a leaf was moving. He took out a packet of Marlboro, lit it, started smoking, and got immersed in his thoughts.

Even on Rahul's birthday, she put up a birthday message on WhatsApp and Instagram and she barely knew him. She did so much for him who had barely done anything for her and I roam around her and still, I am ignored. His mind was running wildly. It started reminding him of all the situations where she had wronged him.

A few moments later, he took out the phone from his pocket and blocked "her" phone number, deleted his WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts. 

I swear on my mother's name that I won't talk to this girl ever again. I will ignore her. If she doesn't care for me I too won't care for her. He said

The Sun was rising. He sneaked back to his room, threw his phone at the table, and slept.

Wake up! It's 11 am. Renuka pulled the blanket from Varun's face and said.

I am not feeling well. Varun Said and pulled the blanket over his face again. let me sleep. 

Tell your friends to use my number only when it's necessary. 

what happened? Varun murmured 

Your friend has sent you birthday greetings on my number. 

Who? Varun jumped out of the bed in an instant.

The message is from "her".

Varun snatched the phone from Renuka.

"Happy birthday Varun!" I am sorry I couldn't call you at night. My relatives came over.

Varun ran and picked up his phone from the table. 12 missed calls for "her", the notification read.

He called "her" and talked for 2 hours.

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